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Join Microsoft Canada in the #ThankYouTeachers Initiative

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Microsoft Canada - #ThankYouTeacher

With 21st Century learning as the main focus of many school systems across Canada, it comes as no surprise that education technology conferences are popping up more frequently than ever before. Recently, I attended one such conference and what amazed me, even more than the incredible ways in which we can integrate technology into our lessons, was the number of educators who have made remarkable strides by going the extra mile and taking their lessons to the next level. They are teachers who engage their students in ways never before imagined. These are the teachers that will make a positive difference in the ever-changing world of education. But they aren't the only ones.

Do you know of a teacher who is making a positive impact in the classroom or in the school community? Maybe you know of a teacher who inspires student leaders or who has gone to great lengths to instil a sense of environmental stewardship. Or perhaps it's a teacher who is using innovative practices in the classroom. Whoever it may be, now is the time to say thank you. Join Microsoft Canada in recognizing 21 schools across the country where teachers have made an impact in their community with the #ThankYouTeachers initiative. Launched on October 5th, World Teachers Day, this campaign will award Teacher Appreciation Packages to 21 schools across Canada in recognition of their teachers' contributions to enriching the lives of their students and their surrounding community. One lucky school will also win new Surface tablets for their entire teaching staff!

Microsoft Canada teachers and technology - #ThankYouTeacher
I hope you will join in this initiative to help say thanks to teachers who have made a positive impact in the lives of students such as the ones featured in the following video. It includes special messages from students past and present who want to say thank you to their own teachers. Among these is a fellow teacher who I have been following on Twitter - Brian Aspinall. After seeing one of his TED talks and from what he shares via social media, it is clear to me that he has been fortunate enough to find his true calling in the areas of computer science and education. He credits this to one of his high school teachers who empowered him to pursue his passion.  

Now is the time to nominate a school and celebrate teachers in your community. The Microsoft Canada #ThankYouTeachers initiative ends November 1st so please complete your nominations soon. Statistics from a recent national parent-teacher study commissioned by Microsoft found that the use of technology leads to better student engagement and more efficient learning. So let's make the statistic a reality in 21 schools that will receive a special package containing a $1000 Staples Canada gift card that can be used towards technological needs, plus much more.

Nominate a school today at!

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  1. Awesome idea!! My sister is a teacher so I know how much time it takes after hours to plan lessons, do report cards, grade papers and the role they play in the molding of our youth, these are things people take for granted.

    1. I need to hang around more people like you. You actually understand. :)

  2. Great idea!! Teachers don't get enough praise now a days.

    1. There are some really great teachers out there doing some really amazing things!


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