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Kellogg's Breakfasts for Better Days Blogger Challenge - Day 1

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

This week, I head back to work as we start off a new school year. But I'm changing things up a bit this time around. As part of the Kellogg's Breakfasts for Better Days campaign, I have agreed to take on a challenge that involves skipping breakfast for four consecutive days and chronicling the effects it has on my day. You see, as crazy as it may be for me to miss out on what is widely considered the most important meal of the day, this is sadly a reality for one in seven children in Canada. 

No one can deny the positive impact a good education can have. From learning basics skills to harnessing creative thinking, the classroom is where children can begin to achieve their potential. Unless they are the one in seven who go to school on an empty stomach. The effects of hunger in the classroom can have a negative impact on their learning. According to the second annual Kellogg’s Breakfasts for Better Days Survey of Canadian teachers, "students who miss breakfast lose an average of 104 minutes of learning every single day1." As a teacher, I struggle to wrap my head around that statistic. They miss out on the equivalent of more than three months of class time each year!

Results from the survey also concluded that:

  • 92 per cent of teachers agree that hungry students participate less frequently
  • 90 per cent say that those same students are unable to concentrate in the classroom 
  • 78 per cent of Canadian educators assert that these students are more lethargic than their peers
  • nearly half of all teachers (43 per cent) report witnessing students stealing food from their classmates due to hunger
  • 74 per cent of teachers shared that students who are in need avoid admitting that they need help

In my twelve years of teaching, I have seen the effects of hunger on students but am happy to see more nutrition programs and breakfast clubs popping up in schools thanks to supporters such as Kellogg Canada. At Kellogg, they recognize the direct link between missing breakfast and a lost education, which is why I have chosen to accept their blogger challenge. You may be able to predict the effects of going without breakfast but I can tell you one thing: it's a lot harder than I thought it would be. Have a look at my first video journal:

On that note, I hope you will follow along and join in the conversation throughout this challenge. Follow the hashtag #LostEducation to learn more about this important initiative and check out my other posts here:

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About the 2015 Kellogg's Breakfasts for Better Days Study
From June 12 to June 16, 2015 an online Study was conducted among 405 randomly selected Canadian elementary, middle and high school teachers who are Angus Reid Forum panelists. Discrepancies in or between totals are due to rounding.
1 This is the second Kellogg’s Breakfast for Better Days Survey. The 2014 survey similarly found that students who arrive at school hungry lose between one and two hours of learning per day.

Disclosure: I  am participating in the Kellogg’s Breakfasts for Better Days campaign. Though I have been compensated as part of this campaign, all opinions remain my own.

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  1. It is great that there is more and more schools doing the breakfast, I know , the schools here in my small town that they send a basket of fruit and granola bars around to all the classrooms in the morning, so students that don't have anything can help themselves, I find that is great but we do need more people to donate as well!!

    1. So glad to hear that, Lynda! Hopefully more and more people will realize how important it is that we change the statistics to ensure better days for our children.

  2. I like that they're helping, but I hate that it's necessary. Here in Canada it's not that hard to get food if you need it as an adult. For a kid though it's monumentally hard.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I was surprised to read that statistic above. Hoping things will change and soon.

  3. It is great that more is being done to help but really sad the stats are 1 in 7 :( (Judy Cowan)

    1. I feel the same way, Judy. Curious to know what the results will be like from next year's survey.

  4. Breakfast is so important!! It's great that companies like Kelloggs are doing something to help


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