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What Will You Do Today? #TodayList

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Recently, I discovered the hard truth that I just can't do it all. I try and I try but no matter what I do, I cannot seem to tackle everything on my to-do list. It has always been a daunting task trying to live up to my roles as a mother, a wife, an educator, a blogger, a warrior... you know, just your typical run-of-the-mill responsibilities many of us women face in today's world. So I know I'm not alone in feeling the despair that comes with being unable to cross off the endless list of everyday chores and work-related tasks.

Quaker #TodayList

In a recent Google survey done by the Quaker Canada brand, 70 per cent of Canadians indicated that they make To Do Lists to help them manage their life. Yet, almost half of Canadians omit the most important and fulfilling things in life on their lists. What do they include on their lists? Everyday errands, job-related tasks and household chores. What about the things that really matter like volunteering in the community or spending time with family and friends? Surprisingly, only 15 per cent say that they include these on their list.

Do more of what matters, today.

Given the results of this survey, the Quaker Canada brand felt compelled to help Canadians shift their thinking and help them focus more on what really matters. Their #TodayList is a new social movement designed to inspire, celebrate and reward Canadians for doing more of what matters. Through www.TodayList.ca, they are encouraging each of us to commit to doing one thing every day that is important to do TODAY. We're not talking about tackling that mountain of laundry or mowing the lawn. We're talking about those little things that are much more fulfilling than menial chores: reading a story to your children, going for a walk with the family, enjoying a cup of coffee with an old friend, or taking time out for yourself. 

You can sign up on www.TodayList.ca with an email or easily connect to your Twitter or Facebook accounts to get started. Then you can select from a beautiful assortment of art to be used as a backdrop for your #TodayList. Type in your list and a graphic will be created for you. Simply share to Facebook and/or Twitter to inspire others to do the same. Participants can also earn badges for making commitments as well as track their progress.

Quaker Canada #TodayList

By joining in the #TodayList movement, you could win $100 to the charity of your choice. All you have to do is create a #TodayList via www.TodayList.ca and post it to Twitter. Then share a link to your tweet in a comment below. You can create a #TodayList and add your entries via the comment section once per day. You have until Friday, May 29, 2015 at 11:59 ET to get all of your entries in before Quaker Canada will select a winner. Open to Canadians only.

Disclosure: This post has been brought to you by Quaker Canada. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. I love this! I have been entering every day. I would love to win $100 for the charity I love to support. :)

  2. Great to know about, thank you!

  3. What a great idea :) I love the idea of incorporating this into your daily life - its a good way to get some ME time in your day and maybe even win for charity!

  4. This is a great idea. Winning for charity is a win...win!!
    (Debbie W)

  5. Great initiative, will have to go check it out and create a #TodayList! (Judy Cowan)

  6. Awesome initiative, thank you for sharing

  7. So on #todayslist was a trip to the park with my boys!

  8. Trip to the park seems like a great idea for today.

  9. I love reading all of the awesome notes on #TodaysList!

  10. I really loved participating in this program last year. I hope they do it again this year. #TodaysList


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