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Sam Barringer on Engagement, Motivation and Connections in the 21st Century

Friday, August 29, 2014


In a world bursting with a plethora of digital information, the role of the teacher is often revisited and redefined. No longer do educators have as their main purpose the dissemination of information. A simple Google search can answer pretty much any question you may have. And if that doesn't work, you can connect with over a billion users on Facebook or Twitter to help you find what you need to know. According to 14-year-old Sam Barringer, a fellow Hamiltonian, what teachers need to focus more on is achieving a simple goal - motivating and connecting with students. In fact, he has postulated a new Einsteinian theory.

Engagement = motivationconnection2

To learn more about Barringer's thoughts on student engagement, I highly recommend you watch the video below. His keynote address at the HWDSB Directors' Breakfast provides invaluable insight from the standpoint of a student. Thank you to @avivaloca for sharing this on Twitter!

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  1. Wow from a 14 year old. It seems alot of our good ideas are coming from that generation ie the We program

  2. Motivating and connecting to students! Sounds so simple.

  3. at that age I wouldnt have been able to talk in front of people. Chandra Christine O'Connor

  4. What a great speaker!

  5. Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Interesting video, seems like a bright young man.


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