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Caught on Video: Teacher Gift Ideas

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

School is nearing an end and parents are undoubtedly making plans for some summer fun with the family. But before we say goodbye to another academic year, we will likely be on the lookout for the perfect teacher gift that says, "Thank you for your dedication and hard work." While I sometimes struggle with what to buy for my children's teachers, I have been in the profession long enough to know that I personally do not need any more coffee mugs. (Although, they are always a welcome addition to the staff room kitchen cupboards!) I was recently approached by the lovely Nicole and Dana of to participate in a Google Hangout where we discussed teacher gift options. In this candid video, I share some practical ideas as well as my personal favourite. This was taped on the Friday night before my son's LEGO® make-and-take birthday party while taking a break from cleaning the house and setting up decorations. Thus I make no apologies for my appearance. Ha!

To watch the video, click on the thumbnail above or head on over to My Real Review. Also check out their list of craft ideas for teacher gifts. I really like the third one. *wink* Or check out this melted crayon art idea. Add a little message on the easel for a final personal touch!

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  1. Great tips, Diana! I've been giving either classroom supplies and/or wine. This year I'm not sure what to do as M's teacher is a supply teacher, working on shorter term contracts. Since she doesn't have her own classroom, I'm thinking of going the wine route, along with something made by M. She's been with us since January and has been amazing with him!

    1. Thanks, Deborah! I think you've got a great idea there. Glad to hear the substitute and little M. connected so well!

  2. Thank you for this post! I struggle every year to come up with nice teacher gifts. I appreciate the ideas!

  3. Love your tips, I agree that teachers sometimes receive too many coffee mugs and would rather want something else.

  4. Great ideas! I always appreciate chapters gift cards. One year a parent had a bird house made and she had it painted as a school house with all my students names on it. I still have it!! One of the best gifts I ever received!

  5. I really appreciate this. It's so very difficult to buy for teachers when we know them only on an academic level. We've gotten a journal and matching pen for the teacher's assistant ...thanks for the fabulous idea!!

  6. Thanks for the ideas, its tough on what to get them every year. This opened up some ideas of things I would have never thought of

  7. Great ideas! Chapters gift cards always come to mind, as do bottles of wine haha.


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