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Marc Anthony 3.0 - Vivir Mi Vida

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Some of you may find this is a bit of a surprise but I am a big fan of Latin music, namely Salsa rhythms. It first started when I was a young teenager and my family took us on a trip to Cuba. At the resort, guests were invited to join in dance lessons during the day and put them to the test at night during an evening of dancing and entertainment. From the moment I grasped the rhythms, it was like an instant connection to an instinctive, possibly ancestral root deep inside my soul. This may sound silly but I felt like I had Latin blood running through my veins. Put me on a dance floor and fill the room with salsa music, it's like heaven on earth. While I no longer go out dancing, I still have fun moving to Latin rhythms during Zumba class and listening to the music. Celia Cruz, Hermanos Rosario, Grupo Niche, and (be still my heart) the one and only Marc Anthony. Yes, I started listening to his music back in the day when he had long hair and over-sized glasses. Yes, I watched him perform on stage at the Docks in downtown Toronto and stood puppy-eyed immediately in front of the stage. And yes, I accompanied my friend and her boyfriend on Valentine's Day just to watch Marc Anthony perform at Massey Hall back in 2000. Get the picture?

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So imagine my surprise when I happen across a video my sister posted on Facebook just this evening which announces his newest album "Marc Anthony 3.0". The video dates back a few months and his newest single "Vivir Mi Vida" was released last spring. The song has been topping the music charts and breaking all sorts of records. My question is: Where on earth have I been while all this happened? After what has been two weeks of sheer emotional and eye-opening experiences (including returning to my car after work to find it had been badly keyed), I really need to take his lyrics to heart. Tengo que vivir mi vida...

Voy a reír, voy a bailar
vivir mi vida,...
Voy a reír, voy a gozar
vivir mi vida,...

I'm going to laugh, I'm going to dance,
live my life...
I'm going to laugh, I'm going to enjoy,
live my life...

Oh, and I'm going to download a copy of his latest album on iTunes tonight, too. While I'm a little sad that Toronto is not listed on his worldwide tour, I am hopeful that he will return to Toronto soon. The Vivir Mi Vida Tour setlist from the September 1, 2013 show in Long Island, New York includes some really amazing Marc Anthony numbers:
  • I Need To Know
  • Y Hubo Algien
  • Hasta Ayer
  • Valio La Pena
  • Volando Entre Tus Brazos
  • Contra La Corriente
  • Y Como Es El
  • Vivir Lo Nuestro
  • Que Precio Tiene El Cielo
  • Hasta Que Te Conoci
  • Te Conozco Bien
  • Mi Gente
  • Tu Amor Me Hace Bien
  •  Vivir Mi Vida
It's okay, Marc Anthony. No need to rush on that Canadian tour you are surely planning. I can wait.

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  1. if youre like me I just dont think to turn on the radio unless I am driving. but dang on your car being keyed. Chandra Christine O'Connor

  2. I love that you're so passionate about Latin music! It truly does move the soul.


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