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City Critters - Monarchs on the Move at Toronto Botanical Garden

Friday, September 27, 2013

Last Wednesday, my son and I attended the fifth and final City Critters Family Series session as guests of the Toronto Botanical Garden. I had been looking forward to this session, so aptly entitled "Monarchs on the Move," and I was not disappointed in the least. After learning about the differences between moths and butterflies, how to identify a monarch and their migratory patterns, we headed out into the garden to release a couple dozen marvelous monarchs.

Our session leader Josh took great care in opening up the fragile package containing semi-dormant monarchs and handed them out to each of the children in attendance.


My son was a little scared to open up the triangular box but was still intrigued by what we would find inside.

Once we opened up the boxes, some butterflies took to flight while others decided to find the nearest resting place, whether it was someone's hand, a shoulder or a neighbouring plant. Here is our butterfly, which we chose to name Mike the Monarch.

Monarchs were everywhere. It was truly a sight to behold!

We later returned indoors and sat down at our workshop tables to begin work on our butterfly garden.

Everyone received seeds picked directly from a milkweed plant. Monarchs will only eat from and lay eggs on the milkweed plant. Therefore, this plant plays a crucial role in the survival of the monarch.

Once we planted the seeds in a little pot, my son was excited to head home and plant his very own butterfly garden!

I would like to personally thank the Toronto Botanical Garden for not only extending an invitation to join in on the City Critters Family Series but for continuing to educating our youth on the wonders of nature. You get an A+ in my books!

Disclosure: Our family had been granted access to the City Critters Family Series so that we may share our experience. Any opinions expressed in this post are purely our own.

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  1. Replies
    1. It was the first time we've ever done anything like that. So neat!

  2. What a great family-friendly program run by the Toronto Botanical Garden in Toronto's Edwards Gardens.

    1. It really was. So glad I had a chance to participate in it.

  3. Great photo's and a great experience!

  4. That's awesome! My girls would have LOVED that!

  5. What a wonderful activity. I've never been to the Toronto Botanical Garden, but this post reminds me that I've always wanted to see it. I hope to do so soon, before the weather tunrs too chilly.

  6. Butterflies are so very fascinating and such a wonderful way to see how transforming a life's cycle can be! From ugly caterpillar to beautiful butterfly, it is nature's own poetry! A triangular box with a real live treasure inside, wow that really is wonderful.

  7. So fun and a great experience, and respectful!

  8. What a great activity! So much better than the butterfly gardens here (municipality withheld due to embarrassment)

  9. Awe I am so jealous lol . LOVE butterflies . Such a great idea !!

  10. The Toronto Botanical Garden was the perfect place to take your child and learn about butterflies and moths.This would be such a pleasant way to make a beautiful memory.That was really a fantastic idea.

  11. What a great experience. I would love to find a chrysalis and have my students watch the transformation.

  12. How wonderful !!!
    I absolutely love butterflies . Would love to do this some day

  13. That sounds so cool! I love butterflies and got the chance to visit The Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls!

  14. This is awesome! I would love to bring my son to this. We just LOVE butterflies!


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