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Advent Mouse Craft With Poem

Friday, November 30, 2012

My son came home from kindergarten with the cutest thing. It's a called an Advent Mouse. The tail consists of 25 links of construction paper in the Advent colours pink and purple. Each link represents one day from December 1st until Christmas and each day, he can remove one link to count down to Jesus' birthday. On the other side of the mouse is a cute little poem.

Advent Mouse Poem (Source Unknown)

Advent Mouse
Each evening as goodnight is said,
take off a loop and hop into bed.
When the tail has gone away,
 it will be Jesus’ birthday!

I took the liberty of typing out the poem in a Word document for any teacher who would like to use this idea in their own classroom. I managed to fit six copies of the poem on one sheet. Feel free to download a copy via Google Docs below.

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  1. My kids all do this, but with a star at the top! It's so much fun.


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