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The Children's Place Back-to-School and Fall Fashion

Monday, September 17, 2012

The back-to-school season has always been a time to pull out last year's fall styles and school wear in order to assess what still fits and what appears to be in decent shape. With young children ages four and seven, it's almost a guarantee that most, if not all, of last year's clothing will have been outgrown. And lately, my kids have been growing like the weeds on my lawn - relentlessly. Sometimes, though, my kids will wear out their clothes before they outgrow them. Most of the time, this means tears at the knees. I had to throw out so many of my son's pants last year for that reason, but I did turn some into shorts for the summer by cutting the pant legs off. When it comes to buying children's clothing, it's nice to know that I can always find a good deal at The Children's Place. Every bit of savings helps to remain within the budget. So bring on the super sales and money-saving deals!

At this year's Fall media day held at The Children's Place in the Eaton Centre, I couldn't help but notice the big red sign at the entrance that read, "Sale: 2.99 & up." They also had an anniversary sale which included an awesome deal on graphic tees. Just $5 each!

And then there were all of the back-to-school accessories such as lunch bags and backpacks. All coordinating, of course.

My daughter made a bee-line to this corner full of super cute girly gear. Check out the fun sneakers!

The theme of the season appeared to be sequins, sequins, and yes, more sequins. I insisted on limiting it to one long-sleeve top. Not sure how long those sequins would last where my daughter is concerned.

And now that I have a niece to shop for, I simply had to check out all the sweet baby girl outfits. There was so much to choose from, I had to restrain myself.

Cuddly bunnies and pink animal tuques, oh my! Utterly cute.

For school uniforms, I managed to grab some on sale last June at the Spring/Summer media event at The Children's Place. But I was still missing key pieces such as pants for my son and a cardigan for my daughter. Based on my experience over the last year, I would say that The Children's Place has become my go-to store for uniforms. I bought a number of socks, polos and cargo pants in navy for my son. And of course, I picked up a uniform dress for my daughter with a matching headband. Both my daughter and I remarked on how lovely this year's dress is with the pleats. It kind of reminds me of the quilt I would wear in high school.

I also picked up some long-sleeve tees for my son for dress-down days. They had so many styles to choose from so it was easy for my son to find something that he liked. I also picked up a circle-patterned school bag for my daughter with matching lunch bag as well as a lunch bag for my son. He chose the Sports Lunchbox which is currently on sale for $5.39 on (originally $9.95).

The Striped Bow Headband, originally $5.95, is also on sale for $2.99 but I have my eyes set on the Uniform Argyle Knee Socks for me daughter. They are on for $4.19 (originally $7.95).

Above the selection and fabulous prices, there is nothing that makes shopping more pleasurable than excellent customer service. While finishing up my back-to-school shopping at the Fairview Mall location, I was happy to have encountered a friendly saleswoman who was eager to help me find exactly what I needed. She gave me her undivided attention and also offered to check in the back room to find the sizes that I needed. Oftentimes, it is the customer service that will bring me back to a store so I commend The Children's Place for their commitment in this respect.

If you haven't been to The Children's Place in the last little while, I highly suggest you stop by to catch a glimpse of their newest holiday fashions. Before you know it, it will be... Christmas?

Disclosure: I received a gift card to help facilitate this review of my shopping experience at The Children's Place. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. Ahhh Shopping for back to school can be overwhelming! I love The Childrens Place not just for their fab prices but because everything seems to "go" together so beautifully! Thanks for the reminder to get my butt over there!


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