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FYI - First Annual Green Living Jobs Forum - September 17

Monday, August 20, 2012

On September 17th, 2012, Green Living Enterprises is putting together a Green Jobs Forum to raise awareness about environmental career opportunities among youth. Students, recent graduates and anyone looking for a career change are invited to gather at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to learn all about jobs in the New Green Economy. This will be Canada’s first comprehensive, multi-sector platform for business leaders, visionaries and teachers to connect and exchange their knowledge with the next generation. The goal of the Green Jobs Forum is to foster a greater understanding of real-life career opportunities and give you the opportunity to seize them.  

And admission is free!

More Details on the Green Jobs Forum:

The Green Jobs Forum event will help attendees understand the professional and educational opportunities available in the environmental field.  Experts from environmentally focused companies will deliver seminars focusing on skills and education which will help youth in identifying employment in growth sectors that facilitate the reduction of waste and pollution and benefit the environment.  There will be eight seminar rooms and each room will focus on a different sector, the focus for the rooms will be the following topics: 
  1. Alternative Energy
  2. Green building
  3. Transportation and Urban Planning
  4. Agri-food & Horticulture
  5. Economics & Business
  6. Marketing & Communication
  7. Environmental Protection & Conservation
  8. Entrepreneurship, Partnership and Innovation
Each room will have up to 6 seminars which will cover different careers within each of the focus areas. Attendees will receive information about job opportunities in the field, work environment along with education and specific requirements to enter that field.  In addition to seminars, there will be up to 60 exhibits which attendees will be able to explore between seminar sessions. The exhibits will be divided into 4 categories.
  1. Hands on help: This area will provide attendees with resume and cover letter writing help, interview skills, jobs search techniques etc
  2. Corporate and NGO’s: This area will house companies that have jobs to offer in the environmental field or regularly hire new graduates
  3. Universities and Colleges: Any educational institutions that offer environmental program would be part of this area
  4. Networking opportunities: Any organizations that provide internships, volunteer opportunities or networking opportunities (such as green drinks) would be clustered in this area of the exhibition floor

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