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Butterball, Barbecue, Burgers... Oh, My!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I were visiting with my parents. Most of the time, we will stay for dinner or even come by early enough to enjoy lunch with them as well. On this particular day, though, I did not want my mother to worry about what to make for us to eat. I decided it was a perfect opportunity to try out something different but that was also easy to prepare. Since I was recently approached by Butterball Canada to try out their new Lean Turkey Burger, I headed into a nearby Sobeys to pick up a box. But I didn't stop there. With barbecue on the brain, I looked around and found some Butterball Turkey Franks that I knew the kids would love. So I threw some in my cart just before I spotted... yes, you guessed it. Bacon Style Turkey! I also noticed that there was a 2-for deal so I got two packs. Now, all I had to do was fire up the BBQ and prep some veggies for my BLT as well as a side salad to pair with the kids' franks.

Did I just imply that I prepared this meal? Er, I should probably disclose that my mother did most of the work. It's simply in her nature to do so. And I do not own a gas barbecue so I felt it was a good idea to leave it up to the BBQ queen to do what she does best. I would hate to, you know, blow up the house or something. Plus, I had to keep my hands clean so I could take pictures to share with you, of course. I did contribute by opening up the packaging. And monitoring the bacon style turkey as it cooked in the frying pan. See. I'm not totally useless in the kitchen.

It was really neat to watch what looked like a sliver of deli meat turn into what closely resembled bacon. And it smelled good. Really good. The thing is, I do not eat a lot of bacon, especially if it looks really thick and fatty. But if this bacon style turkey tasted as good as it smelled, I knew I would enjoy this leaner version of the pork variety. It has 50% less fat than pork bacon, you say? Yup. That's my kind of bacon.

While my kids have had all-beef hotdogs and chicken wieners, they had never before tried turkey franks. But they didn't notice the difference at all. That they were gobbling up a wiener that was leaner, they were none the wiser. Add some ketchup and mustard and it was business as usual. I also added to their plate a simple salad with freshly picked tomatoes and cucumber from my parents' yard. Just another reason why I love BBQs at their place.

Then it was time to make my BLT. I wasn't so keen on the look of the burger but after I piled on some lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mustard, I was ready to take a hearty bite. Don't worry. I didn't forget the bacon style turkey. And I'm glad that I didn't. The turkey bacon added a nice crisp and savoury flavour to my lean turkey burger. I felt as though the burger would have otherwise been slightly bland, which isn't entirely a bad thing when you can dress it up with condiments and veggies.

After trying the Butterball turkey burger, franks and bacon, I would say I enjoyed the bacon and franks the most. My mother really enjoyed her burger but agreed that the bacon really helped to boost the flavour. In the end, we left the table having eaten a meal that was lean, satisfying and a cinch to prepare. Especially when your mother does it all for you.

My mother also took a great pic for me.
Not bad for her first time using an iPhone.

Curious about other products by Butterball Canada? Visit their site at Butterball.ca for more information and for some tasty recipes such as their Italian Saltimbocca Sandwich. You can follow Butterball Canada on Facebook as well. 

And don't forget, on Tuesday, August 21, join us for a Butterball Twitter party where you can share school lunch ideas, ask questions and win prizes.

This post is sponsored by Butterball Canada. In exchange for this review, I have received special perks in the form of products and monetary compensation. All opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Sounds yummy! I do love my Butterball turkey

    1. My two favourite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas, mainly for all the turkey!

  2. OKay seriously, I'm thinking lunch at your house!!

    1. You mean my parents' house. LOL Whenever I sleep over, it's like a bed and breakfast! Five star, I might add. ;)

  3. I have had these...they are the best...now that I am seeing it drives me crazy ...but am at work ..arrgggggg

  4. Mmmm, so good!
    Trying the turkey bacon on my burger next, match made in delicious heaven!

  5. I love that you go to your Mom's for supper :) Can she cook for all the Guthrie's when we come down ?

    1. Sure! If you want to extend your commute by an extra hour. LOL


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