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Meet Canadian Mom Blogger Tracie Wagman

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Canadian Mom Bloggers

Tracie and I "met" on Twitter many, many moons ago but oddly enough we first met in person about a year ago. It was at a taping of Parents Talk at the Rogers television studio while waiting to get our make-up done. We chatted for a few minutes before realizing we followed each other on Twitter and now we tweet all the time. Funny how random things seem in the world of social media.
Tracie is the co-owner of Help We've Got Kids. In addition to raising her two children, volunteering on several non-profit boards and trying to keep the business running, Tracie is on a never-ending quest for balance and sanity.....can it even exist?

Help We've Got Kids is a local, online directory for all the things parents need for their kids. Tracie's blog is a personal take on running a business, running a household and all the issues, concerns and comedies that those entail.

Help is across Canada and Tracie is located in Toronto. Tracie has two kids and in her spare time volunteers and sits on boards for several non-profits such as Canopy Planet, G(irls) 20 Summit and Environmental Defence as well as trying to help the team over at Aids-Free World. She rarely sleeps and is known to read a book a week!

Help is 19 years old and Tracie has been running the business for 3 years. She started blogging just over a year ago.

After years and years in the corporate world, Tracie decided to take matters into her own hands. Running Help has been rewarding but difficult. The best part has been the flexibility to carpool my kids to and from school, help them with homework and after school activities etc. BUT the hard part is that it never ends. Running your own business is a 24/7 job. But she wouldn't change it for anything!


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