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Q & A With Allan Hawco #DoyleTweets

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One of the things I love most about Twitter is being able to chat in real-time with people you wouldn't otherwise be able to chat with in person. Take, for interest, tonight's Q & A with Allen Hawco of CBC's Republic of Doyle. He is taking questions as I type this while the show is airing and he is doing an amazing job of keeping up with the endless stream of inquiries.

In pretty much every episode, Hawco's character Jake Doyle gets punched in the face, hit with a shovel or knocked to the ground. I mean, the guy takes a beating! According to a Q & Eh with Culture Magazine, Hawco admits he has had a lot of experience with physical roles similar to this one in previous years. I have always been curious about how many stunts are performed by Hawco himself, so I tweeted @allanhawco and was surprised to discover that he completes most of his own stunts. But he still has a stunt double. Funny enough, his double actually made an appearance in tonight's episode. His name? Zack Hawco. No relation.

Of course, I couldn't resist asking about one scene in particular from the first season in which Jake Doyle jumps onto a moving boat. You might recall the scene from the opening credits. It turns out that Hawco "almost did it!" "There's a funny story to that one," he tweeted. Just as he was about to jump off the wharf, he reached the edge and thought, My laptop has the next script on it and no one has the passcode to my laptop. Because that's what you normally think just as you're about to take off on an incredible stunt, right? Obviously Hawco is a multi-talented Canadian actor who's way too young to die. I'm glad he chose to play it safe.

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  1. I love Republic of Doyle. My friends write the show (I used to live in Newfoundland) and I'm so proud of them every time I watch it. Not to mention, the show rocks!

    glad you like it!

    1. Really? That is so awesome! I am a huge fan of the show which I first started watching on Netflix. I was so hooked I would watch two episodes a night.

  2. You forgot to mention that Allan Hawco is VERY easy on the eyes too!


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