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Flyer Friday - Minute Maid, SunRype, Allen's and Oasis

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Last week, we pretty much sold out of 100% fruit juice boxes. They were quite popular. Which means I have a lot of juice shopping to do this week. The good news is that we are nearly halfway to reaching our Me to We goal of raising $8,500 towards building a school Brick by Brick.

Flyer Juice

Here is a summary of these week's Flyer Friday finds, effective until March 1, 2012:

  • Minute Maid Drinks, Selected Varieties - $3/18x200 mL (17 cents per box) @ No Frills (I hope they have the 100% juice variety!)
  • SunRype Pure Apple Juice - $5.97/24x200 mL (25 cents per box) @ Real Canadian Superstore
  • Oasis or Allen's Juices, Selected Varieties - $2.79/8 or 6x200 mL (35 or 47 cents per box) @ Metro (plus bonus Air Miles)

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  1. Good deals. Thanks. How are you by the way?


    1. Yes, they were okay. Now I have to find some for this week. We pretty much sold out of juice.

      I'm doing well, Paula. Thanks for asking! How are you?


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