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Flyer Friday - 100% Fruit Juice Boxes

Thursday, January 05, 2012

As a teacher volunteer on our school's Me to We committee, I am regularly on the lookout for the best sales and deals on 100% fruit juice boxes which our leadership group sells each week as part of our fundraising efforts. Last year, thanks to fundraisers such as our year-end hot dog fundraiser, we managed to raise enough money to Adopt a Village for Free the Children. This year, we chose to Build a School in Ecuador as part of the Brick by Brick initiative, a whopping $8,500 commitment.

Last month, we put together a number of gift baskets to raffle off just before the holidays. I had donated a number of items I had received through my blog such as this storybook from Hallmark. I am happy to report that we raised nearly $500! At this point, I'd say we are close to one-third of the way to reaching our goal. The bulk of funds raised comes from our weekly juice sales. Hence the reason I venture on a weekly hunt for specially priced juice boxes. I decided to start up a Flyer Friday feature to share my findings with you. I plan to provide a price comparison for 100% fruit juice, since I'm doing the research anyway. But I may even post other sales if I find they are a bargain worth sharing.

Flyer Friday 100% Fruit Juice Boxes

This week, I found four advertised sales on juice boxes:
  • Allen's Juice or Drinks, Selected Varieties - $1.00/8x200 mL (12.5 cents per box) @ Valu-Mart
  • Minute Maid Drinks, Selected Varieties - $1.97/10x200 mL (19.7 cents per box) @ No Frills
  • Allen's Fruit Juice and Cocktails, Assorted Varieties - $1.99/8x200 mL (24.9 cents per box) @ Highland Farms
  • Minute Maid, selected varieties - $2.50/10x200 mL (25 cents per box) @ Valu-Mart
Since we sell juice boxes for 50 cents each, I always try to find juice on sale for 25 cents per box or cheaper. It looks like I'll be heading to Valu-Mart and stocking up this weekend.

Please feel free to leave a comment on this post if you come across any comparable deals in your area.

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