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The Toshiba 3D HDTV - A ShesConnected Brand Ambassador Shopping Experience

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shortly after attending the ShesConnected Conference last September, I came across an exclusive opportunity as a ShesConnected member to become a Toshiba Brand Ambassador. The task was straightforward and quite timely. You see, we were asked to check out either a Toshiba Tablet or a 3D HDTV at an authorized retailer, and blog about the experience. And since I am currently on the lookout for a brand new TV, my choice was obvious.

Ever since the conference, I can't stop thinking about the Toshiba 3D HDTV. While listening to the knowledgeable Toshiba staff who highlighted all of the amazing features, I remember having to stop myself from drooling. It wasn't because the gentleman was so handsome, even though he was. It was just that, by simply hearing about the amazing technology behind the 3D HDTV, my heart began to race with excitement. My husband and I have been married for almost 7 and a half years and we have never bought a new TV. In fact, we have only one television set in our home. And dare I say it? It is an old tube TV! I kid you not.

This old tube TV still works fine. But it's a little outdated. No?

For Christmas, my husband and I no longer exchange gifts since it's more about the kids now. But last year, he surprised me with a tablet. By the size of the gift, I thought it was the latest season of Grey's Anatomy. A tablet is definitely better, of course. (I downloaded the first season of Grey's!) This year, I wanted to surprise him with a new flat screen TV. I still have a store credit at the Brick, so I decided to head on over there to check out their prices.

Once I arrived, I made my way to the TV section and found a Toshiba 55" Passive 3D LED HDTV on display. I stood there to take in the picture quality in 2D but found it difficult to fully gauge the quality since I was standing so close to the television screen. I couldn't distance myself because there was shelving behind me. While I waited for some assistance, I read the following features and benefits:
  • Natural 3D - Utilizes economical polarized 3D glasses and RealD 3D technology.
  • 240HZ Clearframe - Enjoy smooth motion with no distortion or loss in brightness.
  • DLNA Certified - Wirelessly connect with compatible DLNA certified devices.
  • Yahoo Widgets - Hundreds of apps available to keep you connected to the world.

When a salesman approached, I informed him that I was interested in this Toshiba 3D Energy Star Model. Unfortunately, it wasn't long before he steered me in the direction of another brand even though I had my heart set on the Toshiba model. Eventually, he seemed to get a little impatient and asked if I was going to be buying a TV or not, while he eyed potential customers a few metres away. I was a little annoyed with how curt he was so I wandered off and I'm glad I did. I hadn't noticed earlier that the Brick has a viewing room with a variety of 3D TVs set up for optimal viewing, complete with 3D glasses. It was a great opportunity to compare the different models.

All in all, the price wasn't too bad. The only problem is that our entertainment unit can only accommodate a TV as large as about 39" in width. My husband has this idea of moving the unit, which is quite large and home to roughly a gazillion books, to our tiny office. Then we could buy a new unit along with a new TV. While I appreciate his input, I wasn't prepared for a) all that work, and b) spending additional funds.
In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed watching some 3D entertainment à la Toshiba and would still like to upgrade our old TV. From the built-in Wi-Fi and the ability to enjoy 2D images in 3D, it's like the gift that keeps on giving. For the time being, however, it will have to wait. 

If you're looking to be a holiday hero, check out the latest Toshiba HD TVs for a truly unforgettable experience.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Toshiba Brand Ambassador Program via ShesConnected. I received a Toshiba Camileo BW10 in exchange for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Yes it is time for a new TV!!!! I will pray to the Television Fairies to drop one off for you soon! Thanks for participating in the program!


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