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Wordless Wednesday - Blissdom is in the Air (Linky)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Recently, a list was released containing Blissdom Canada 2011 attendees and some of the people they are excited to meet. I read through the list of people named by attendees as those they hope to meet at Blissdom Canada. On that list was on of the speakers Patty Sullivan, host and co-producer of Kids' Canada on Kids' CBC. I have seen her at various events but sadly never mustered up the courage to formerly introduce myself. This year, I hope to officially make her acquaintance in real life. Here is a picture I took rather quickly during a video taping at My Kids CBC Day in Toronto last July, which was lots of fun, by the way.

Will you be at Blissdom Canada this year? Drop me a line so I know to look out for you!

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  1. Of course I'll be there, can't wait to see you again!!!!!!!

  2. Jennifer, looking forward to seeing you there! I can't believe I wasn't following you on Twitter...

    Tammi, I am so excited to see you in a couple of days! It's been way too long. Hope you have a safe flight!

  3. Sounds like an awesome opportunity.


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