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New Interactive Film "Far From The Heart" Premieres in Toronto

Friday, September 02, 2011

Last night, supporters gathered in the Al Green Theatre in Toronto for the premiere of a new and innovative interactive film called Far From the Heart. Produced by Stephen Gardner and Joan Chandler under the direction of Richard B. Pierre, the film touches on difficult subject matter that affect youth such as date rape, violence, peer pressure and substance abuse. But it doesn't stop there.
Richard B. Pierre (Director), Joan Chandler (Writer/Producer), Stephen Gardner (Producer)
Myself, Richard B. Pierre, Joan Chandler, Stephen Gardner
The groundbreaking online format has been designed to reach out to young Canadians in a way that appeals to their innate desire to connect and share their thoughts and opinions as digital natives. It affords them an opportunity to revolutionize the way society deals with predominant and taboo issues by providing a forum in which they can discuss positive responses to the scenarios presented throughout the film. Stemming from the Sheatre educational project that began in 2006, Far From the Heart continues to offer a unique delivery and support model but takes it a step further by integrating an online platform for sharing original content in the form of digital video. Teens can answer the call to action by submitting an alternative ending or 'intervention' and uploading it to YouTube. Videos are screened and then posted on where viewers can vote for their favourites.
Rachel Brittain, Far From the Heart
The lovely and recently married Rachel Brittain (age 28) who plays Felicity.
After having watched Far From the Heart along with alternate endings, both my friend, a fellow teacher, and I agree that the message behind the interactive film is a powerful one. Not only will it help to deflate the proverbial elephant, it also entices social change by challenging our youth to question their morals and that which has been deemed as socially acceptable. The statistics alone are staggering enough. What is reassuring is the dedication of the cast and crew who worked together in such a short time period, with filming having begun in May of this year, in order to launch the site a month earlier than originally planned.

Far From the Heart Premiere - Reception Far From the Heart Premiere - Reception

With the support of Paul Hartman, The Canadian Women's Foundation, The Ontario Trillium Foundation, The Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion and The Ontario Arts Council among others, Far From the Heart is a "multifaceted program based on prevention through education - in this case, a rehearsal for life." Educators can incorporate the interactive film in a classroom setting or bring the live show to their school. Current tour dates for Ontario are from October 17 to November 4, 2011 with some dates available, as well as in Northern Saskatchewan from March to Apr, 2012. A French production is currently in the works.

Disclaimer: contains profanity and violent material which may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the premiere to help facilitate this review. Any opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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