Wordless Wednesday - A Late Night Snack (with linky) | Toronto Teacher Mom

Wordless Wednesday - A Late Night Snack (with linky)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

This is what can happen when your child eats very little at dinner and needs a late night snack after the dinner guests have gone home.

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  1. That is priceless!!
    I thought he'd fall off the chair!!

    Love this video, Diana!

  2. I was worried about that, too! I had my free hand ready and waiting...

  3. Sleeping at eating at the same time can be dangerous! Funny!

  4. Yeah, he was pretty tired. But at least he didn't go hungry.

  5. Too cute. I was also waiting to see if he was going to fall. I love the way he curled up on the chair before he fell asleep completely.
    Thanks for linking up at Tots and Me

  6. I thought he was falling! So cute!

  7. aww. how stinkin' cute is he?! love it. poor little sleepy guy!

  8. how cute, made me miss my boys at that age. One thing with boys is when it comes to food they wont leave anything on the plate lol, thanks for that i really enjoyed that video

  9. My boys too have been asking for late night snack before bedtime.. I guess it's the same for most boys.. food ranks higher then sleep.

  10. Sooo cute!

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