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BeanBagBoss Knows Bean Bag Chairs

Monday, August 29, 2011

Throughout our home, we have three full-length sofas, an armchair and a recliner. That means we have plenty of space to stretch out and get comfy. But sometimes, it just isn't comfy enough. That and my husband usually gets the recliner. Which means I'm stuck with the sofa. You know, the one where my son stuffs all his little cars in the cracks. Yeah, that one. Plus, I can't really move the sofa at just the right angle for optimal t.v. viewing on those rare occasions I sit down to watch. I mean, I could. I just can't be bothered to break a sweat doing so. Wouldn't it be nice to have a comfortable place to sit that easily adjusts to your needs and is light enough to move around at will? Have no fear. BeanBagBoss is here!

Now, I've never had the pleasure of meeting the Boss himself. But from what I can gather from Facebook and Twitter updates, he seems like a pretty cool dude. Not only are his Bean Bag Chairs versatile and uber chic, they come in a wide array of colours, patterns and fabrics to suit your sense of style.
The lime Bean Bag Chair makes the Boss think of margaritas.
Bean Bag Chairs are perfect for families with young kids because they're easy to clean and, of course, fun to use. My kids seem to think of it as a landing mat for elaborate gymnastics or a trampoline of sorts. But I'm quick to remind them of all the different ways you can shape the Bean Bag Chair for quiet activities such as reading. (Emphasis placed on the word 'quiet'.) My personal favourite is the teardrop. If you haven't seen their fun video on how to use them, you need to check it out. It shows you how easy it is convert the Bean Bag Chair to suit your needs. (I also like the tunage.)

You might be wondering if they are safe for kids. The Boss has this to say: "All beanbags are fabricated with the toughest, most superior materials. Each bag is equipped with a zipper concealed by an extremely strong Velcro strip, which is almost impossible to open with adult bare hands. This will prevent even the most mischievous kid from reaching the inner foam beans." And not that my kids are all that mischievous, I haven't had any issues in that regard. The only problem I had was picking a colour that would please my princess of a daughter. She really wanted something like a hot pink or the crazy zebra print. I felt the red faux leather would be eye-catching enough and yet, blend in more with our decor. And, of course, moms rule.

Bean Bag Chair : BeanBagBoss

The faux leather feels very durable and has been able to withstand all the action that goes on in our rec room. My kids have had the most use of it by far and sometimes end up fighting over it. For the most part, they're pretty good about sharing. It's big enough for them to both sit on it at the same time, kind of like a love chair. I just need to make sure they sit down at the same time so that they both find a comfy position.

 Bean Bag Chair

While my daughter was away at camp one week, my son and I took advantage and spent time playing games and watching some children's shows together. He insisted he use the Bean Bag Chair. He's too cute, so I gave in. I did beat him at a game or two.


BeanBagBoss has been seen on MTV recently and if you head over to, students can enter to win their own Bean Bag Chair in the MTV Back to School Giveaway. If you're looking at purchasing one, keep in mind that they aren't small, measuring at 4.5’ x 5’. The prices range from $149.99 to $179.99 (still cheaper than the bean bags I've seen) but shipping via FedEx is free! Told ya the Boss is cool! He's so cool that he also gave me a $10 discount code to share with you. Just use TOTEACHERMOM-999 at checkout. It's good towards any one Bean Bag Chair of choice and is valid one per purchase. The code expires on January 1, 2012 so you've got lots of time to cross it off your Christmas list. If you follow Lefty on Twitter, the Boss' right-hand man, you might even catch a code for 10% off. Just sayin'. Also, he's got some new shiny and fuzzy fabrics on the way.

Disclosure: I was sent a BeanBagBoss Bean Bag Chair to help facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. I so want one of these, I had one as a kid, just a no name brand but they are so comfy!

  2. I always wanted one as a kid. The first thing I bought when I had my first classroom was a yellow smiley face bean bag chair. It was really small, though.


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