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Wordless Wednesday - Family Getaway (w/linky)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Down by the Dockside Early in the Morning
Down by the dockside early in the morning... ah, the serenity! One of my favourite views of Blue Mountain.

On the Gondola at Blue Mountain
Sneaking a peak at the view from the gondola. Sort of.

Hiking Down Blue Mountain
Hiking down Blue Mountain was a great adventure.

Tackling the Wall at Blue Mountain
I finally rescheduled my date with Mr. Wall, Dark and Handsome.

King Size Bed at the Grand Georgian, Blue Mountain
But I ended up going to bed with Mr. King.

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  1. That is just beautiful!!
    I need a vacation!!!

  2. It was a really nice getaway from the everyday! I didn't blog the entire time I was up there.

  3. I love the beautiful views, and wondrously enticing steps.

  4. looks like a wonderful getaway! The peeking over the gondola (sorta) picture cracked me up :)

  5. It was a great getaway, Tara! And, yes, I thought that pic was cute, too!

  6. Looks like a wonderful family trip! Jealous!

  7. how lovely - looks like a fab getaway! :)

  8. It was indeed a very enjoyable getaway and I'm so thankful for the beautiful weather we had.

  9. Love that first picture. Looks like you had a great time!

  10. gorgeous! That rock wall looks like so much fun :)

  11. That looks so relaxing and wonderful! Thanks for hosting!

  12. Absolutely stunning place to visit! I could hike around there for days. So pretty!

  13. oh gosh! i very much wish that i was there right now!! <3

  14. ...and now I want to move to Blue Mountain...

  15. That first picture took my breath away! Have got to google Blue Mountain!

  16. Thanks ladies! Can you believe these were all taken with my iPhone camera?


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