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Popchips, the Perfect Snack for Camp or Back to School

Thursday, July 21, 2011

In a couple of weeks, my daughter will be starting an all-day camp. She's really looking forward to it and I'm also looking forward to having some one-on-one time with my son. What I'm not looking forward to is packing a lunch and snacks everyday. I mean, I should probably start getting used to it since she'll be in grade 1 this September and I will have to start getting into the routine of packing lunches and snacks sooner or later. Truth be told, I'm a woman of convenience, so the easier, the better. And if my kids like what I pack, it's a bonus. Where snacks are concerned, I am happy to know that my kids have a new favourite: Popchips!


Here is a snack that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Available in seven delicious flavours, Popchips set themselves apart from your regular chips in that they aren't fried or baked but, rather, popped. With a little heat and pressure, you've got wholesome potatoes that are all natural, crispy and yes, good for you. Why? Because Popchips contain no trans fats, no cholesterol and no preservatives, and are low in saturated fats.

without the handles.

Our family first tried Popchips several months ago on a road trip. We stopped off at a gas station convenience store and it looked like the healthiest snack I could find. I grabbed a bag of Sea Salt & Vinegar and as soon as I returned to the car, I had to fight for them. The full-size bag was emptied faster than you can say "fiddlesticks." So when I had a chance to try out a variety pack of Popchips, I made sure to sneak some into my little hiding place for safe keeping. Oh, c'mon. Don't judge. I did share. Half of them.


My husband and my children all loved Popchips. We even pledged The Snackers' Credo. The single serve bags are just the right size for an individual to snack. To be a little more eco-friendly, I plan on buying the larger bags and storing them in reusable containers when I pack my daughter's lunch bag. All of the flavours were pretty good but, of course, we had our favourites. My personal favourites were, in the following order: Sea Salt & Vinegar, Barbeque and Sour Cream & Onion. The cheddar was okay but I did find that the Salt & Pepper had too much pepper for my liking. The single serve packs came in handy when we set out on our impromptu getaway at Blue Mountain for the Canada Day weekend.

All in all, Popchips are a tasty natural snack that will make packing lunches for camp and daycare a little easier. The fact that they are gluten free is an added bonus. I think I'm going to have to pull out my Toronto Teacher Mom stamp of approval for this one. Well done!

Disclosure: I was sent a variety pack of Popchips to help facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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