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Bring Home a Taste of the Bakery

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cooking in the kitchen has never been my forté. I do my best and sometimes the meal will come out in a pleasant-looking edible form, but really, I'd rather let my talented husband take care of meal prep. He's extremely good at it, so why not? To my dismay, however, there are nights where he has to work late and dinner is left up to me. Gulp. Thank goodness for Dr. Oetker Frozen Pizzas!

While we prefer to prepare fresh meals for our kids as often as possible, being pressed for time sometimes leaves us with no other recourse than to pull out a frozen meal. If we are all out of frozen lasagne that, ahem, I slaved over one Sunday, I am always relieved if I have a frozen pizza on hand. Cause who doesn't love pizza? One of my favourites is Dr. Oetker's thin-crust Ristorante Pizzas, namely the Pizza Speciale variety. Yum! I also had a chance to try out their Casa di Mama pizzas, which, by the way, has just won the 2011 Best New Product Award as voted by 35,000 Canadians.

Now, Dr. Oetker has a new line called Panebello Bakery Crust Pizza which have an thick, crispy yet soft crust that could only have been created by a master Baker. It is made with a variety of high-quality ingredients and is available in four different varieties: Country Pepperoni, Classic Canadian, Vegetables and Goats Cheese and Bruschetta. When I heated up a couple of Panebello pizzas at work to share with my colleagues as part of our "treat day," it almost immediately disappeared the minute I placed it on the table. They really loved it! I tried one with my family at home and the kids seemed to enjoy it, too. While it was very tasty, I prefer the thin crust of their Ristorante or Casa di Mama pizzas. If you're wondering where you can buy them, they are available at all major grocery retailers across Canada. The suggested retail price is $5.99 to $6.49 but I did see them on sale just a few days ago for $2.99 at Metro!

Want a chance to try all four Panebello varieties? is offering you a chance to win 1 of 5 $500 Home Bakery Bundles! Simply visit from now until June 13, 2011 and you could be the lucky owner of a fabulous prize pack which includes:

  • 8 Coupons for two of each of the new Dr. Oetker Panebello pizza varieties (Vegetables and Goats Cheese, Country Pepperoni,  Classic Canadian, Bruschetta)
  • 1 Breville Toaster Oven
  • 1 Pair of Dr. Oetker Oven Mitts
  • 1 Dr. Oetker Pizza Cutter
  • 1 Williams-Sonoma Pizza Peel

Please visit for further information, including nutritional content and ingredients information.

Disclosure: I was sent coupons to redeem for free product to help facilitate this post. All opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

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