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Microsoft Launches Breakfast Campaign to Benefit Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last week, I came home to an unexpected package from as they launched their Breakfast campaign in support of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. It was a yummy surprise containing some delicious mini muffins and a coffee mug. It also served as a reminder that some children go without breakfast entirely. I can only assume that is the case with a number of students that I have taught over the years. It is always at the back of my mind, especially when I see them feverishly devour their snacks as part of our Nutrition program or when they head down to the office at lunch hour because they didn't bring a lunch. I will not presume to understand their individual circumstances or which factors come in to play, however. (I know my daughter, as of late, would prefer to skip breakfast altogether knowing that she will be getting a morning snack at daycare.) But still, I wonder.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada is helping children who live in difficult circumstances in communities across Canada by addressing child hunger and providing nutritious meals and snacks to young people in need. And with close to 700,000 Canadian children living below the poverty line, that nothing to sneeze at. Microsoft Canada has been a proud partner with Boys and Girls Clubs for over 10 years. And as part of the MSN Breakfast campaign, you can help reach their goal of donating 100,000 breakfasts to the club. Simply visit to reset your homepage to to show your support. On my MacBook, it was as easy as dragging the toaster to the Home icon on my Firefox toolbar. You can also visit the MSN Canada Facebook page and click on the Get Toasted app located on the left. This app will let you 'toast' your profile photo and post it to the Wall of Toast. What do you think? Do I look a little burnt to you?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Diana. It's nice when those who "have" give back to those less fortunate. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I agree, especially when those who are less fortunate happen to be children.

  3. I think this is absolutely ridiculous and outright disgusting. Microsoft is using the guise of charity to attempt to secure a larger chunk of the internet. A breakfast for a homepage? Really? Half an hour of volunteering does more good than that.

  4. You have brought up a valid point. Volunteering your time and efforts is a more direct route to helping those in need. If a certain amount of funds has been allocated for charity, then why not donate them regardless? A truly benevolent act comes with no strings attached. Wouldn't you agree?


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