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The Top Ten Events of 2010

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Looking back on the past year, I am amazed at all the wonderful things I have been able to do thanks to blogging, Twitter and Facebook. There are so many memorable moments that the list could be a lot longer. In any case, here are my top ten events and excursions of 2010, in David Letterman style.

10. Camp Spooky at Canada's Wonderland - Who knew Wonderland kept their rides open in October? Thanks to Central Counties for the complimentary passes and a day of fun for the kids. Okay, I had a blast, too!

9. Louise Kent's CD launch party - Louise Kent has an amazing talent and really engaged the kids in the audience. This event was emceed by the talented Scott Hammell, another Free the Children activist.

8. Yo Gabba Gabba Live! There's a Party in my City - Let me tell you, these characters really know how to throw a party! The V.I.P. experience was totally awesome! Thank you, Michelle Sisco!

7. Maple Leaf Foods Dinner - I, along with about 25 other bloggers, sat down with the CEO of Maple Leaf Foods to discuss the new Maple Leaf Pledge to be a global leader in food safety. Truth be told, I didn't realize I was having drinks with el presidente until he introduced himself after we sat down to dinner. I also met a number of fabulous bloggers, too. Thanks to Sumaya Khan at Matchstick for the invitation.

6. Love, Loss and What I Wore - With a cast that included Louise Pitre, Mary Walsh, Andrea Martin, Sharron Matthews and Paula Brancati, how I could I decline an invitation from Hubert Hsu to join in the fun? And yes, my friend nearly peed her pant(ie)s, it was that funny!

5. Lays Chip Trip to Casa Loma - I have always wanted to visit a castle and Casa Loma fit the bill. I still can't get over how beautiful the grounds are. And the view from the top of the tower was absolutely stunning! I am so lucky to have been able to participate in this program thanks to Jessica Matthews and Miranda McCurlie of Fleishman-Hillard Canada.
4. Tour of the CN Tower and a Date with Dora - I will never forget how lucky I was to meet two of the wonderful ladies behind Mom Central Canada, Kathryn and Cora, at this exclusive meet and greet with Dora followed by a tour of the CN Tour. What a great way to spend the March Break! I also met for the first time two lovely blogging tweethearts that I still bump into from time to time, Wendy @mapsgirl and CarrieAnne @cbadov.

3. X'10 Canada - Okay, Xbox Kinect may be the coolest gaming system ever! All I want it for is to play Dance Central. I know I'll never be as good as Blake McGrath was that day we bumped into him, but it doesn't matter 'cause it's just so gosh-darn fun! High Road Communications sure knows how to throw a shindig, too, by the way.

2. Yummy Mummy Club Barbie Pink Carpet Premiere - What can I say except that this was one of the most awesome V.I.P. events my kids and I were so fortunate to experience! We're talking limo rides, an exclusive meet and greet with Barbie and incredible swag. If you haven't joined the Yummy Mummy Club yet, what are you waiting for? This was only one of their amazing contests and I know there's another Barbie movie coming out. So that must mean another Pink Carpet event? And at the very least, you'll love reading all the fantastic articles from Erica Ehm and her incredible team of mummy and daddy bloggers, too.

And now, for the #1 event of 2010... drum roll please...

1. Blissdom Canada - Never in a million years would I have seen myself amongst an incredible group of women who were in attendance at the first ever Blissdom Canada conference here in Toronto. I cannot tell you how lucky I felt to meet such amazing ladies, many of whom I had only 'met' online and finally had the opportunity to meet face to face. The sessions were good, too, but my favourite parts were the social gatherings such as at Mabel Bliss where we got to mingle alongside the wonderful Julie Cole and Tricia Mumby from Mabel's Labels while Cocktail Deeva did her thang. Or, the unforgettable YMC Bliss party at the Body Blitz Spa with Erica Ehm. But my ultimate favourite was singing shamelessly to the tune of Shakira's 'Hips Don't Lie' and busting a move with the wonderfully clad Alli Worthington, co-founder of the event, during the Halloween Karaoke party. And to all the wonderful ladies who made my first ever blogger conference so blissful, thank you! I have to include a shout-out to my blogging buddies Stephanie, Shelagh, Tara, Cynthia, Sherrie, Tammi, Kimberly, Cheryl and Nolie. I'm sure I have left people out but remember this list could go on and on and on... I truly hope I will be able to attend Blissdom Canada '11. Will you be there?

Happy New Year! (Toronto Teacher Mom)

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  1. You better be at 2011. I am saving my pennies and will NOT miss it. If I am pregnant oh well belly is coming with. If there is a baby Cheryl has already offered to play mom#2 and help me out.

  2. Wow thank you, I must return the compliment it was wonderful to meet someone in my exact position teacher and on the brink of social media greatness..We must sit down soon over a glass of wine and chat the night away!

  3. Nolie, that's so exciting to hear you might be trying for another beautiful bambino. I really do hope to go again next year. How can I afford not to go when it will be in Toronto? And Cheryl is so sweet. Just sayin'.

    Sherrie, ma partenaire! We must definitely figure out a way to meet over wine and a tête-à-tête, for sure! I'm thinking March Break. Apparently, it's only 14 weeks away...?

  4. I will TOTALLY be at the next Blissdom. I'm totally up for the task of being mom#2, want the 3rd spot? I'm SO glad that we have had a chance to meet in person! It's been great getting to know you!! xoxo

  5. Will it be in Toronto again? I hope so since it is not too far right now. Who knows what city I will live in when it comes around again.

  6. I could handle being mom #3. I miss holding a newborn...

    And yes, it will always be in Toronto. I was so thrilled when Alli told me so!

  7. YAY! So happy to hear it will always be in Toronto. I was so scared of it going to BC or something as then I would really have to focus on saving for the flights. We are hoping to move to Ottawa this year or stay where we are. Both make it easy for me to get to Blissdom Canada.

    Diana you got it, if there is a baby you can be mom #3.

  8. wow, you were busy lady! lol
    It was AWESOME to meet you, let's do it again in 2011! Happy New Year's CHEERS to you!


  9. Thanks for including our event on your Top 10 list Diane. It was great to meet you at our first ever Maple Leaf blogger event. Look forward to more in 2011 and seeing you again! All the best for 2011. Jeanette Jones, VP Communications, Maple Leaf Foods


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