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Yes, Another Re-Draw!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's just my luck that I pick super lucky winners who have won on multiple blogs during the #NewProactiv blog tour. So I have yet again to pick another winner and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she hasn't already one. Here is the newest winner:

34. Glogirl said... I have tried the 3 step Proactiv solution and I didn't find it to be successful in treating my acne. However, I did enjoy using the Proactiv sulphur mask-it seemed to help my skin.

I will be sending you an email soon.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Only 4 days left until Christmas!

Updated at 3:00 pm:

Well, it looks like Glogirl has already won. I have randomly selected another winner and hopefully, third time's a charm.

88. Kirsten said... Like you on facebook (Kirsten T..) 

Okay, Kirsten! I'm emailing you now and hoping you'll tell me that you have not yet won...

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