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Tangled, Disney's 50th Full-Length Animated Feature, Hits Theatres Today!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Disney's Tangled - Rapunzel

Action, adventure, romance and hair. Lots of it. Seventy feet, to be exact. These are the main elements in Disney's 50th full-length animated feature Tangled. Featuring the voices of Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, and Donna Murphy, to name a few, Tangled is the story of a beautiful, long-haired Rapunzel (Moore) who yearns to be free from her tower in hopes of visiting the land from whence comes the myriad of lights that light up the sky each year on her birthday. Never having set foot upon the ground surrounding her tower, Rapunzel enlists the help of an unlikely guide, the kingdom's most sought after bandit Flynn Rider (Levi). Together, the odd pair set out on a magical adventure that brings with it unexpected dangers combined with charming musical numbers.

Disney's Tangled - Rapunzel

The movie begins with a hunt for a magical flower that possesses the incredible power of healing. The queen, in risk of dying, will not survive to continue with childbirth unless she is cured by this magical flower. The king's army finds it and rushes back to the castle just in time for baby Rapunzel to be born, with big blue eyes and golden hair that now possesses the magical power that once belonged to the special flower. Wanting to experience a lifetime of youth, an evil woman kidnaps the newborn babe in order to harness the magic of her hair and reap the rewards of appearing forever young. She takes baby Rapunzel to a distant secluded tower where she raises her as her own and teaches her that living there is her only option in order to remain safe.

Disney's Tangled - Flynn Rider

Now, Rapunzel is turning 18 and all she wants is to witness first hand the fascinating display of lights she has only been able to admire from afar. When a fugitive finds refuge in her well-hidden home, the inexperienced Rapunzel knocks him out cold with her trusty frying pan. He later comes to, introduces himself as Flynn Rider and attempts to charm his way out of the hairy situation. But to no avail, of course. He has no choice but to agree to head back to the kingdom and risk his capture to help the barefoot belle.

Disney's Tangled

Soon Rapunzel finds herself battling internal conflict as she revels in her new-found freedom but is tormented that she has also betrayed her mother. In an attempt to sway her from venturing into the kingdom, Flynn takes her to a pub full of nasty thugs. They all drool over her beauty and endless hair, and then discover that Flynn is a wanted man. Before a bloody battle ensues, Rapunzel distracts the gang with her musical talent and elicits a full-blown song and dance that reveals the softer side of each of the pub goers, all of which have a dream of their own.

Disney's Tangled

Later, their adventure continues as Flynn and Rapunzel along with her protective chameleon befriend Maximus, the super-cop horse who has made it his mission to capture Flynn. Reaching a truce, Maximus and his nemesis agree to work together to help Rapunzel realize her dream. All the while, Rapunzel and Flynn begin to fall in love. Unbeknownst to Rapunzel, her mother has manipulated two of Flynn's former partners in crime as part of her plan to convince Rapunzel that the world is full of evil and that she should return to her tower. Indefinitely.

Disney's Tangled

At long last, the group of four arrive at the kingdom. Rapunzel basks in the glory of experiencing the wondrous joys that the outside world has to offer. This celebration of life leads her to self-discovery and marks the beginning of an important revelation - that she is the long-lost princess, the only heiress to the throne, and the very reason behind the annual release of lanterns, the light that represents the kingdom's relentless hope that she shall someday return. Unless, of course, her evil "mother" can find a way to intervene.

Will Rapunzel find true love and live happily ever after as the rightful heiress to the crown?

Allow yourself the opportunity to discover the end of this delightful tale. Full of stunning imagery and original songs and a score by eight-time Oscar-winning composer/songwriter Alan Menken, Tangled will not disappoint. The characters are easily brought to life with the help of beautiful animation and a wonderful voice cast. The juxtaposition of the two main characters sets the theme of good versus bad by contrasting experience with naiveté.

Watching Tangled in Disney Digital 3D made for an amazing experience that is virtually unparalleled. The breathtaking imagery coupled with a compelling storyline, wonderful music and the best in humor makes Tangled the must-see animated children's movie of the year! Toronto Teacher Mom gives it two thumbs up!

Check out this hilarious clip from Tangled:

Thank you to Walt Disney Motion Pictures Canada for providing the opportunity to watch an advance screening of Tangled.

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