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A Merry Fluffy Christmas Sponsor Spotlight: Agoo Apparel

Friday, November 19, 2010

Today I announce the first sponsor in the Merry Fluffy Christmas blogmania event - Agoo Apparel! They are the makers of kids active wear for children ages 0-9 years. One of my favourite features of Agoo is their line of bamboo clothing and leggings. It is an eco-friendly, breathable material that has wick-away, non-irritating, anti-bacterial and odor resistant characteristics. It also washes incredibly well. I had a chance to review their Tushie Huggers and my son loves them, they're so comfortable.

Agoo is also the maker of Agoo Leggings, which are all about being fashionable and functional. They are designed to fit perfectly over baby's legs, providing warmth and added protection from scrapes and abrasions for the crawling toddler in your home. These leggings range in sizes from age 0 to any age and coordinate with their existing apparel. And because they're still made using luxurious 100% sustainable bamboo fibers, they stretch easily or can be scrunched up for tiny babies, making them quite versatile and helping you to stretch your dollar. You can even wear them on your arms!

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As part of the Merry Fluffy Christmas event, Agoo has generously offered a $50 gift voucher valid at Agoo4u.com. This will be the first prize up for grabs and the giveaway will begin on December 1.

Also, today is the last day to enter the International Argyle Day giveaway here on Toronto Teacher Mom which includes 3 pairs of their oh-so-cute argyle leggings.

If you'd like to show Agoo some sponsor love, you can connect with them here:

Agoo Facebook Fan Page
Agoo Leggings Facebook Fan Page
Agoo Apparel on Twitter
Agoo Baby Leggings on Twitter

Check back on December 1 for details on how to enter the Merry Fluffy Christmas with Agoo giveaway.

Happy International Argyle Day!

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