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Free the Children Presents Halloween for Hunger, Harry Houdini Style

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Next week, on Wednesday, October 27 at 6:00 am, Free the Children activist and magician Scott Hammell will perform an incredible feat. He will disappear right before your very eyes! But wait, he needs your help. You see, this is no ordinary disappearing act. With the aim of raising donations and stocking food bank shelves in time for the holidays, Free the Children is inviting one and all to stop by Union Station, opposite the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, and pay Scott a visit as he commits himself to an insane asylum living in a plexiglass box for five days and four nights. Why on earth would he do that, you ask? Aside from the obvious (he's indeed crazy - the straight jacket he used at We Day 2010 can attest to that), he is asking the people of Toronto to donate canned goods and non-perishable food items by placing them in the box until he completely "disappears".

All foods will be donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank along with the generous contributions of Longo's. If you'll be traveling to Union Station early Wednesday morning, keep an eye out for Scott Hammell, Marc Kielburger, Co-Founder of Free The Children, Anthony Longo, Longo’s and Annette Pail, Director of Development, Daily Bread Food Bank, as they kick off the event which ends on October 31 at 6:00 pm.

To learn more about Free The Children’s Halloween for Hunger, visit

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