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Finding Inner Sparkle at the Yummy Mummy Club Barbie Pink Carpet Premiere

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale 
Sparkle, shimmer and shine from within. The premise behind the latest in Barbie movies makes it worth the while to watch. Barbie A Fashion Fairytale is all about staying true to yourself and finding your inner "sparkle." And thanks to, my kids and I discovered that sparkle in VIP style!

Damn, I wish I had Barbie's legs... #YMCBarbie on TwitpicWhen I signed up to attend the exclusive premiere, I had no idea how fabulous it would be. Then, when I was selected as the winner of the VIP package, I was completely floored. Not only did my children and I get to join a theatre full of other yummy mummies, daddies and their brood and be among the first in North America to watch the film, we got to do it while sitting next to none other than Barbie herself!

Our stretch limo picked us up at our door in #YMCBarbie VIP s... on TwitpicOur morning began with a classy stretch limo ride. Our driver Mike picked us up at our home bright and early. Inside the limo, he turned on the t.v. so my kids could enjoy a couple of episodes of Mr. Bean while we headed to pick up the other VIP winner @wendyjacinto. This was the first time my children had ever rid in a limo and they loved it, especially riding in the rear-facing seats. Upon arriving at the theatre, we were treated to a box of Tim Horton's muffins, which was perfect. My kids are always hungry and I had missed breakfast altogether!

Meeting Barbie in person... can't get any better than th... on TwitpicWe were then escorted to the VIP room where we met Barbie and took pictures with her. She also autographed a poster for the kids and gave both girls a massive swag bag. I swear it was as big as my son! Then we waited at the front of the line where we received vouchers for complimentary combos for the kids and a free Tim Hortons coffee for the parents.

Posing in front of the paparazzi #YMCBarbie on TwitpicOnce Barbie arrived and walked down the pink carpet, she was followed by Erica Ehm's angel of a daughter. We were next to walk the carpet and watch our kids pose in front of a lineup of paparazzi.

100% Fabulous indeed! #YMCBarbie on TwitpicAfterwards, the kids had a chance to pose as Barie (and Ken) in a giant larger than life Barbie doll box. Don't they look 100% fabulous? We then proceeded to our VIP seats covered in pink seat covers and feathered boas.

As we settled in to watch our first Barbie movie ever, my son fell asleep, the result of waking up at 5:30 in the morning. One of the things I enjoyed most about the movie was the theme of staying true to yourself. I also love that it took place in Paris, which was my honeymoon destination. The soundtrack was also fantastique.

Once the movie was over, we were rushed through the crowds to our individual limos, just like celebrities. It was almost a shame, though, that I couldn't stay and chat with some of the other yummy mummies such as @SharonDV, @mapsgirl, @cbadov, @InfoSara, @wondermoms_ca and @jackiyo just to name a few. But we later caught up on Twitter. The ride home was filled with anxiety as my daughter was dying to open up her VIP loot bag.
Ok, last one. Promise. Check out the glamorous VIP loot we sc... on Twitpic
I did manage to have a lovely conversation with our driver Val. I quickly discovered he was an intelligent man from Romania with two kids of his own. He went back to Romania to take a 3-year contract as a General TV producer but did not get his contract renewed due to the poor economic status of his country at that time. He moved back here with his wife and kids. His wife had previously left a nice-paying job to join him during those three years but has been unable to find anything comparable since Kodak closed their doors. He was such a kind man and I'm hoping that some of my good luck will rub off on him. May he and his family find happiness and success.

On a final note, I would like to personally thank Erica Ehm and the Yummy Mummy Club, Mallory Haughey and crew from High Road Communications, Mattel, and Universal Studios for making our day memorable and flaretastic! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

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  1. Sounds like a great experience. I am jealous. Why did I never get to meet Barbie when I was growing up.

  2. Heck, I would have settled for having a Barbie of my own! Never had one. Now my daughter has about a dozen!

  3. Thanks for the fantastic post. Glad the experience truly was VIP and Flair-tastic.

  4. Wish we could have chatted, too. We had to rush off after the event was over as well. Next time!

  5. Erica, thanks for always offering such amazing opportunities in true yummy mummy spirit.

    Jacki, I have a feeling we'll have more opportunities to chat in the future. Have a great week!


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