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underWay Prize Pack - Winner List

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Okay, so I knew this draw would take a while and I apologize for the confusing set up of this winner list. And don't ask why the timestamp is in UTC time, I don't even know what that stands for, but I do know it's 4 hours ahead of the EST time on my clock. So bear with me here as I announce the 10 winners of the underWay/Smart for Life/Thin Adventure prize packs. All duplicate winners have been crossed off and new winners redrawn. Once I have emailed all the winners, I will need your shipping addresses to send to Mom Central Canada who will then consolidate all the winners from the blog tour. Please keep in mind that you are only eligible to win once throughout this blog tour.

Here are the winners:

65. Zeemaid said... following you on twitter

51. Deanna said... These products sound great! I love that there are no preservatives and they have organic ingredients added! I just ordered Nutrisystem and it tastes so bad I am sending it back next week.

10. Jessica said... yummy and healthy! would love to try cupcakes!

4. ksceviour said... I follow you on twitter @ksceviour 

27. bigdisneyfan said... I just took your "Toronto Teacher Mom Reader Survey". Entry 2 of 2

38. fdigsby said... gfc follower

47. Jen Michouris said... follow via google

39. fdigsby (Duplicate winner - to be redrawn)

17. Jessica (Duplicate winner - to be redrawn)

102. ksceviour (Duplicate winner - to be redrawn)

Here are the three new random numbers with two duplicate winners:

28. bigdisneyfan (Duplicate winner - to be redrawn)

5. ksceviour (Duplicate winner. Again! - to be redrawn)

86. Carrie said... I would love to try the products because I have more weight to lose.

Yet another draw with yet another duplicate winner:

74. Susan Margaret said... I following on Google Friends Connect

64. Zeemaid (Duplicate winner - to be redrawn *sigh*)

And the final winner of the evening (yes, it's not quite midnight!):

98. carol said... I'd like to win because I really need to lose a few pounds and I like the fact that the UnderWay and Smart for Life products help to supress your appetite with some delicious drinks and snacks.

Don't forget to enter another CAN only giveaway care of Mom Central Canada where you can win a Playhouse Disney Prize pack.

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