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That’s How SHE Blogs - YMC Party Mummy Quiz

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On the tails of Blogher10, Yummy Mummy Lisa, a.k.a. Party Mummy, has invited bloggers to share a little bit more about each other through this delightful quiz. It's a great way to 'meet' new people and also connect with some "rockin' mamas" before Blissdom Canada hits Toronto this October. So, here I am, riding the party train Yummy Mummy style!

1. Did you attend Blogher10? No. I did follow on Twitter and was there virtually in spirit.

2. Are you attending BlissdomCanada this fall? Yeppers! I got myself an early bird ticket but I'm holding off on booking a room. Unless, of course, I get sponsored. [Insert shameless pitch here.]

3. When are you at your blogging best – a.m. or p.m.? *Hooting and hollering at Party Mummy* I'm a night owl, too. It's the only time of day that I can find more than 5 minutes of uninterrupted thought processes.

4. How many blogs do you have? (Include the links)

1. Toronto Teacher Mom
2. Diana's Designs Blog

5. What technical skill would you like to learn to improve your blog? Photoshop and video editing. I suck more at both.

6. Do you prefer the sound of silence or does action abound while you blog? I need quiet. The noise in my head is already deafening.

7. Do you include the names of your family in your blog? I do but I'm leaning towards more anonymity. I often resort to general terms such as DS, DD, DH or "that guy who got me knocked up."

8. Do you post pictures or videos of your children? Yes, I do. What can I say? They're just too cute not to!

9. What’s the grossest thing you’ve spilled on your keyboard? Nothing terribly gross about milk...

10. Ever posted something you wrote while intoxicated? Well, I never! People actually do that?

11. Do you go back and edit old posts just because you can? Um, yeah. I'm a teacher. Nuff said.

12. Have you ever suspected somebody took something you wrote and pawned it off as their own? No. But I'm always weary of it. That's why I just signed up for a Blog Copy account.

13. Does your spouse read your blog? What do they say about it? Um, well, no. I don't believe he has. When he told his friend about a couple of months ago about my blog, he couldn't even recall the name. Hello? It's who I am: A Toronto-based Teacher and Mom! Sheesh!

14. What’s something cool/positive/unexpected for you, that has resulted directly from blogging? Cool = Meeting some pretty cool moms and bloggers, previewing products before they hit the shelves, being invited to exclusive events, receiving requests for interviews from newspaper reporters; Positive = My blog has gained a large amount of followers and it makes me feel like all the hard work is actually worth it; Unexpected = I often cover or share events happening in the GTA and I was recently invited to apply for a media badge! That's pretty cool, positive AND unexpected!

15. Link to a post (or two) which demonstrate your writing style: This is a bit of a tough one but I thought I would pick two of my earliest posts that I had written while on maternity leave with my DD. I mean, she is the reason I started blogging. So I thought it was fitting. (Sorry DS!)

This is my Daughter
Frustrations of a first-time mom?

16. Name a blog(s) that makes you exclaim, "Damn! I wish I'd written that!"

This is a blog I came across when I first started blogging and it is written by one of the funniest mom bloggers I've never met - Bon. She has four, yes count 'em, four adorable children and she recounts her timeless tales with an air of je-ne-sais-quoi. She has had a bit of a rough year but I think she's getting back into the swing of things.

the mama

That's it. That's all. I'm looking forward to meeting, greeting and tweeting with you. Hope to see you IRL at Blissdom Canada!

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  1. Fun stuff! I've already gone back and edited my post about 4 times, so I share your anal-retentive pain. ;)

  2. Hoot hoot! Looky over here. It's a fellow night owl reading your AWESOME quiz answers! Why am I not in bed? I'm trying to blog before we go away for a week and I'm computerless. Nooooo! I'm shaking a little. ;)

    Meet you at Blissdom? *Crossing Fingers.... :)

  3. Cosmic Noodle, who you calling retentive? ;)
    I'm heading over to read your post now!

  4. Lisa, wow! You're quick! And a little insane? One week? Seriously?

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog and meeting you IRL. Crossing my fingers (and eyes), too! Blissdom Canada, here we come!

  5. Yay! I did one too :)

    Blissdom is going to rock! Can't wait to see you again!

  6. Great quiz! I´m nowhere close to Canada so no, no Blissdom Canada for me. I wish we could have something like that here in Spain as well.

    Anyway, I´m off home to my blog to answer the questions. :-D

    Take care! Bye bye

  7. Can't wait to meet you. Maybe we should have you drunk blog. muah ha ha I am evil.

  8. I'm here from Lisa's post- I hope I get to meet you at the conference!!

    My Blissdom Canada post & Mr. Linky!

  9. Bianca, it's unfortunate you won't be able to attend. How do you like living in Spain? My brother-in-law lives in Barcelona. I hope to one day visit there.

    Nolie and Tara, looking forward to meeting you ladies in T-71 days!


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