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Back to School with Lenscrafters - Save 50%

Monday, August 09, 2010

We all know how important vision is. And if you wear glasses like me, then you can appreciate having up-to-date prescription lenses that will afford you 20/20 vision. I first started wearing glasses when I was about 6 or so, and knowing that my parents had to pay for them out of pocket for lack of health benefits, I was crushed every time I broke or lost a pair. I tried to convince myself and my parents that I just didn't need them anymore. Then, I turned 16 and applied for my driving permit. I failed the eye test and ended up costing my parents more money than ever before. Since then, I find myself postponing my not-so-yearly eye exam until it's absolutely necessary. By that point, my frames are usually misshapen, scratched and out of style. The lenses on my current pair are actually speckled since the anti-glare coating has deteriorated. It's probably time to get a new pair, huh?

With Back to School just around the corner, you might want to consider the following:
80% of what children learn is through vision and among school-aged children, 6-11 years old, an estimated 5.3 million have a vision problem. 
For this reason, I am truly thankful that my daughter's first eye exam revealed that her eyes were healthy and I am keeping my fingers crossed that all the carrots I keep feeding her will prevent her from needing glasses like her mommy. But for those of you who's children need glasses, you'll be happy to know that Lenscrafters is having their semi-annual sale from now until the end of August. When you buy a pair of frames, you will save 50% off prescription lenses. They also offer a 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee that allows you to try out prescription eyeglasses risk-free for 30 days. If you don’t love them, you can exchange them within 30 days of purchase or return them for a full refund, no questions asked.
I love these frames by Tiffany & Co.
And these glasses for children are pretty cool, too!

Lenscrafters stores can be found throughout all of Canada. Here is a list of some of their locations here in Toronto:

Yorkdale Shopping Center
3401 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON M6A 2T9

Eaton Centre
220 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M5B 2H1

Fairview Mall
1800 Sheppard Ave East
Willowdale, ON M2J 5A7

Sherway Gardens Mall
25 The West Mall
Etobicoke, ON M9C 1B8

Visit or call 800-522-5367 for the location nearest you.

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