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Spotlight on: Little Blue Guru

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Yoga is a physical discipline that incorporates meditative practices and breathing techniques to help you focus your energy, release stress, improve your posture and balance, and find deep relaxation, among other wonderful benefits. There's a lot more to it than sitting with a group of people in skin tight clothing contorting their bodies like I used to see on t.v. When I was first introduced to yoga over 10 years ago, I initially found it awkward, difficult and silly at times. I remember being asked to remove my socks and my instructor even suggested not wearing a bra. There were leg stretches we did while lying on our backs with our finger wrapped around our big toe as we stretched our leg out to the side, hovering dangerously close to our neighbour's face. That, of course, made my friend and I burst out in laughter, which only got worse when our instructor mentioned that passing gas was a good thing and should be practiced freely.

Today, I look back and realize what an amazing instructor she was. She lived yoga. She breathed yoga. And she instilled yoga. I always left her class feeling refreshed, more limber and happy. Until she moved. Since then, I have met several different instructors, some that were very nice and others that knew their routines well but weren't nearly as inspiring as my first. I have practiced yoga on and off since then but find it hard to continue attending class when the instructor doesn't inspire me to do so. This year, the vice-principal of my school invited his long-time friend to lead a staff yoga class at our school. I knew from day one that I would enjoy her class. Her name is Mary Mondelli. She lives in Toronto and is a phenomenal yoga instructor. And just recently, she combined her talents with writer Sheila Trescartin and graphic designer Scott Morrison to put together a Meditation CD. Here is what she had to say about her CD and their new label Little Blue Guru:
What happens when one of your yoga students asks you to lend your voice to a project? A wonderful collaborative CD between Sheila Trescartin, Scott Morrison and myself that’s what! and so Little Blue Guru is born.

After a year in the making we are ready to introduce our Meditation/Full Body Relaxation and White Light Clearing CD. The CD was written by Sheila Trescartin and recorded by Scott Morrison graphic designer of The Bauhub.  I lent my voice to the recording.  
They sold out of their first 50 CD's very quickly and I have been waiting for it to come out on iTunes. But I did find that you can order Full Body Relaxation and White Light Clearing on for $15.99 or download the MP3 version for $11.99. The first track is design to help you find complete and total physical body relaxation followed by 30 seconds of silence to bring you into the next track designed to bring you peace, balance and tranquility. How zen!


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  1. Namaste Diana, hope all is well. Your site is mommyliscious and more! Thanks so much for the spotlight on our CD, more details to come and things are moving along quite well.

    Enjoy the sunshine
    Be still and Know



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