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Is it Summer, Yet?

Friday, June 04, 2010

Lately, I have been feeling a bit... run-down, shall we say? Yes, run-down. I've been stretching myself a little thin and now I'm feeling the repercussions. I just want to do it all. But I realized I can't. Even though I am a mom and mom's can have amazing super powers, I think mine are running out. Working full-time, raising two kids and keeping up with housework should be enough to keep me busy, right? Sure, it does! However, I have been working on a lot of reviews for my blog and sharing my cards on my craft blog as much as I can because I don't want to fall behind with my blogging either. I have been reading other people's blogs and try to comment as much as I can but if I don't, please remember I'm one of those stalker type fans that you just can't get rid of easily.

On another note, I have neglected the housework so much lately that I feel like I'm drowning in chaos. I'm even behind in marking and report cards are due in two weeks. It doesn't help that most of my students are on summer vacation mode already. I will say that I have managed to incorporate the SMART Board into about 10 of my lessons with about 6 different classes and have given almost all of those students an opportunity to use the SMART Board first hand. And I'm looking forward to using it some more. In the meantime, I will have to focus my energy at work on grading and writing reports while on the homefront, I'll need to pick up the slack and get my house in order. It's just so hard with this gorgeous weather. I just want to play outside with my kids! There is a Fun Fair coming up tomorrow at a local school with rumored pony rides, bouncy castles and a BBQ so guess where I'll be heading. I do have some fabulous reviews and giveaways coming up along with my take on the Maple Leaf Foods roundtable event that I attended last week so keep your eyes peeled.

Hope you're enjoying this amazing weather. And for those of you who are being affected by the massive oil spill along the Gulf of Mexico, my heart goes out to you. This is truly the worst man-made disaster I've ever seen. I can't believe they're projecting mid-August or even later as the earliest they can get this thing plugged. It makes me sick to think how it will effect people, the wildlife and our environment. I truly hope they can fix this, and soon.

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  1. It's tough when everything hits all at once and you feel like there's so much to do!! That's what April felt like for me!! Wishing you a productive few weeks so you can kick back, relax and enjoy summer!!


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