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Browse with Confidence and Help Protect Kids Online

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From the playground to the web, parents want to protect their children.

According to Stat Can’s recent report, Canadian’s internet use has increased by 73 per cent since 2007. With 21.7 million people now online across Canada it’s more important than ever that people learn how to best protect their personal information.  It’s more than just privacy concerns on social media sites – it’s also about protecting your data from criminals looking to access your personal data and steal your identity.
About a month ago, I was contacted to share some information with my readers about a campaign run by Microsoft Canada called Browse with Confidence. The purpose of this campaign is to make the Internet safer for Canadians as well as children all over the world. By partnering with a charitable organization called Kinsa - the Kids Internet Safety Alliance, will help raise funds towards specialised training for law enforcement agencies to learn how to use the latest technologies as part of their efforts to find and protect children at risk online. And you can help, too.

Visit and you will see a "Join Us" button. By showing your support for this campaign and by sharing the site via Facebook, Internet Explorer 8 will automatically donate $2 towards the cause. I just did and noticed that they have raised $6, 666! (Is that a lucky omen?) With my click, it's now $6, 668. But the number keeps rising. Remember, the more money we help raise, the better protected our children will be online. It can be a scary place "out there." Let's take a minute to make it a little less frightening. Hey, and if you do, leave me a comment to update me on the running totals. I'd love to be kept informed on how much we raise. Thanks, and be e-safe!

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