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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today I announce the winner of the neatfreak! everfresh Single Fashion Laundry Tote. It is made using fabric with built-in environmentally friendly and bacteria-busting enzymes, making this the first natural way to get rid of those nasty laundry room odours. Out of 91 entries, returned the following lucky number:

 The lucky winner of the laundry tote (sans dirty laundry) is:

Jen Michouris said... 58

Congratulations, Jen! I will be emailing you shortly. You'll have 3 days to reply. A big shout-out to neatfreak! for sponsoring this great giveaway.

A couple of reminders:

In case you or someone you know has a child who'll be learning to walk soon, you can still enter the Juppy Baby Walker giveaway. The contest ends May 21 and currently has low entries. Could it be that it is only open to Canadians? Which leads me to my next reminder...

I have posted a survey for my readers to help me gear my blog posts according to who you, my readers, really are. I might be less inclined to write a review on men's ties if my readers are all women, you know what I mean? Er, well, I still could I guess, in time for Father's Day... but I'm putting together a media kit so I can lure some future sponsors and secure some more fantastic giveaways for you. I've been eyeing things like the Hooked on Phonics kits and the Dyson vaccum cleaner! Actually, I have been drooling over these ones. I've even entered a gazillion contests to try win them but no luck so far. Wouldn't it be great if I could just review them myself? (Insert shameless pitch here.) For those of you who already completed the survey, merci beaucoup. If you'd still like to take this quick 8-question survey to help little ol' me, I'd be forever grateful. Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!


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