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March Break - A Week in Review Part 1

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's about time I review something that wasn't a product sample. So here it is, my March Break review.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday:
It started out rough. Saturday night, we chose to order in. My husband picked up some chicken from one of our favourite places. My son went to sleep at 4:30 pm that night so it was just us and our daughter for dinner. I had fed her a sandwich because she was too hungry to wait for the chicken, and it's a good thing I did. At around 1 am the next morning, I fell ill. Stomach bug ill. The Telehealth nurse said it was unlikely to be food poisoning, but we questioned that when my husband also fell ill. It was awful! I will never forget that dreadful day. Needless to say, I won't be ordering in any time soon. After about 12 hours, I didn't feel the urgency to run to the washroom so often, so I braved a one-hour trip with my kids in tow to stay with my parents for the night. I needed all the help I could get. They were great, and after a good night's rest I was feeling much better, though still without appetite. I did manage to work on a sample for my friend's wedding invitations but I'll have to start working on the final product tomorrow.

This was the day my daughter was waiting for - a meet-and-greet with Dora the Explorer at the CN Tower. And boy, did we luck out! We were fortunate enough to be invited to this exclusive date with Dora thanks to the fantastic ladies at Mom Central Canada and MegaBrands. I cannot tell you how cute my son was. Upon seeing Dora enter the room, he took my hand and pulled me along as he made a bee-line towards her. During the photo op, he just stood there, cheek to cheek. My daughter, on the other hand, preferred to be the last one to hug her.

After our brush with the revered celebrity, we were cordially escorted to the high-speed elevator and given a complimentary tour of the CN Tower, who hosted a number of fun activities as part of their March Break Adventures. We visited the infamous glass floor where I failed to keep up with my kids due to weakened knee joints. I should get those checked. And thanks to the phenomenal weather, we got to take in some gorgeous views of the Toronto area from the Sky Pod. Coo, what a sight!

The luck of the Irish came early that morning because our amazing tour ended with a surprise gift pack full of really cool CN Tower paraphernalia and super fun Mega Bloks toys - a Thomas the Train engine which I immediately had to open for my son, and a Dora Mermaid set that made my daughter leap with squeals of joy. Who could ask for anything more?

To be continued...

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  1. I'm glad you recovered from the stomach bug too. It was short-lived, but boy did it pack a punch!!

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