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Clorox Cleaning Products Review

Monday, November 09, 2009

Just a short month ago, I was pleasantly surprised when my personal Clorox cleaning kit arrived at my door. Inside I found a bottle of Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Clorox Clean-up and several packages of their Disinfecting Wipes. You're probably wondering why I got so excited about cleaning products. Aside from the fact that I got to try them out at no expense, all these products have something in common that I find very important - they are DISINFECTING! This came at a crucial time of the year, the ever-dreaded flu season. With the H1N1 flu pandemic causing much concern amongst parents and the general population, it was nice to know that I had a stash of disinfecting wipes that kill 99.9% of household germs such as E. coli, Salmonella, Influenza Virus Type A2 and Rotavirus. Simply wipe any hard, non-porous surface throughout your house, bathroom or kitchen and let it remain wet for 10 minutes and voilà! The surface is disinfected!

I had to share them with my colleagues at work because, as any teacher will agree, it's always handy to have something to disinfect surfaces that have been touched by that student with a terrible sounding cough who just sneezed into their hands. Yuck! Needless to say, my colleagues were quite eager to get their hands on a package or two. The packages contain 35 wet wipes and come in three scents: Fresh Scent, Lavender Clean and my favorite, Lemon Fresh. Plus, the new, thicker wipes are now available in a low-streak formula for use on shiny surfaces such as glass and mirrors. After using these wipes, I feel more confident knowing that I'm cleaning and disinfecting my house, protecting my family from nasty germs, with an easy, convenient and bleach-free product.
My other two favorite products have to be the bathroom cleaner and toilet bowl cleaner. Whenever I think of germs, the bathroom is the first place I think of and hence, the first room I clean. Unlike some of the other bathroom cleaners I've tried, these two products do not have an overwhelming scent. This is very important to me because, ever since I had kids, I find my nose is awfully sensitive to powerful smells. I also like that the spray handle didn't leak, which I have experienced with some other spray bottles. It also gave me satisfaction in knowing that my bathroom was disinfected.

Although I was thoroughly pleased with the results of these products, I am very curious to try their Green Works Natural Cleaners. They contain plant-based and biodegradable ingredients, are not tested on animals and use recyclable packaging. These cleaners are available in a wide assortment, including laundry detergent for high efficiency washing machines, and are said to be powerful eco-friendly cleaners without harsh chemical residue. I am so glad this is where the trend is heading!

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