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He's Finally Talking!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

So my son has decided he's actually going to make an attempt at saying some words, other than mama. Though I love that his world revolves around me, I have been anxious for him to learn new words. And he's finally learned some. So far he can say: ouch, uh-oh, thanks, milk, and dada. He is also demonstrating a good understanding of other key words and can point to his nose, mouth, ears and belly button when asked. Today, he also showed me how he can shake his finger whenever I say, "No!" It's so cute!

I'm happy to say he's adjusting rather well to daycare. He did stay home yesterday due to conjunctivitis (pink eye) but he's much better now. Madeleine still puts up a bit of a fuss before heading out to school but she's slowing adjusting to the routine and never ceases to ask, "Is it the weekend, yet?" And I'm just so thrilled that I've managed to get both kids in bed by 8:15 for the past two nights all on my own. A pat on the back for me!

Now, having caught up on the bills, I can either do the mountain of laundry piled up around the house, mark two sets of verb tests, or curl up in front of the t.v. and finish watching Revolutionary Road, which is now overdue. I think I hear a bag of popcorn calling my name...

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