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A Newfound Passion

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It would appear that I have been spending little time on keeping up with my blogging. There have been many things I would have loved to blog about but alas, my free time has been occupied with my latest passion - card making! And we have the Cricut to thank for that. So instead of keeping track of the latest developments with regards to my family life, I have been reading other people's blogs about scrapbooking, stamping, die cutting and anything crafty for that matter. It has become an obsession, actually. All I can think about is using my new machine and trying to come up with my own ideas for greeting cards, even though they are nowhere near as stunning as all of the designs I keep finding on my fellow bloggers' sites. I hope to one day join them in their ability to create original works of art and thank them all for sharing their hard work and amazing creativity. I am inspired on a daily basis thanks to all of you!

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