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My Life Monday - Week 6

Monday, June 12, 2006

My Favourite Childhood Toys

Do you have a few minutes? Because this list could go on forever.

For my first list, I've chosen toys that can be categorized under dolls and stuffed animals.
1. Cabbage Patch Doll (I named him T.J.)
2. Curious George (This was my brother's but I had fun playing with it nonetheless.)

Okay, so that was a short list. Ready for the next category?

These toys can be categorized under machines.
1. Transformer (More than meets the eye, it's a robot in disguise.)
2. Tonka Trucks (The big ones that you could sit on.)
3. Colour Changers (Please be advised, you might want to wait a bit before sticking your tongue on these after they've been in the freezer.)

I promise, the lists do get longer.

The next category is sports and leisure.
1. Hula Hoop
2. The Jumbo Bubble maker (I don't quite recall the name but I do remember having a ball making bubbles.
3. The Ball in Circle thingy (This consisted of something that looked similar to an inverted wheel rim. The goal was to spin a ball in it as fast as you could.)
4. PogoBall (You know, that watchamacallit that looked like Saturn.)

Ready for the largest list of all? Pull up a chair and stay a while. I might go on forever...

Category: Games/Puzzles
1. Perfection
2. Head-to-Head Perfection
3. SuperPerfection
4. Rubix Cube
5. I.Q. 2000
6. Connect 4
7. 3D Puzzles
8. Mosaic Puzzles
9. Double-Sided Puzzles
10. Hungry, Hungry Hippo
11. Twister
12. Simon Says
13. Game of Life
14. Jenga
15. Mousetrap
16. Operation

(More to be added.)

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  1. What a great list! I love that so many of our favorite toys are coming back for our kids. I wrote about Cabbage Patch dolls on my blog today too.

  2. That was quite a list! I loved transformers too! I used to play with them a lot with my brother. They were his, but he shared...not by choice!!!

  3. I seriously saw a pogo ball at the store the other week - I had totally forgotten about those!!

    Great list - brings back so many memories!!!

  4. I forgot to mention my cabbage patch doll!!! I loved dolls... I really thought they were real babies and treated them as such.

    Your list did bring back a lot of memories! So much to miss about childhood!

  5. WOW!! You have a BUNCH of toys...I love it! :D

  6. I am here to destroy the evil forces of the Deceptakons (sp?)! Triple change transformers were the best. I loved this list. Brought back great memories. Pogoball was hard though. I never did master that.

  7. Wow!!!
    What a memory you have! Great list!

    I can not remember any of my old toys... Maybe all I had was a toy rock!!!

  8. Fun toys!! I can't believe how many of our toys are coming back.


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