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Six Weird Things About Me

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Weird Bon from The Mama tagged me for this meme.

1. I can blow little bubbles using my tongue.
2. I don't like it when different foods that are on the same plate touch each other.
3. My family is Portuguese but I speak French, Italian and Spanish a lot better than I speak Portuguese.
4. I chew on my tongue while concentrating hard, like when I'm cutting out something for a craft.
5. I like to salsa dance by myself when no one is looking.
6. I hate writing and yet I've become addicted to blogging...

Let's see... Who can I tag now?


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  1. you hate writing?!

    Now that's downright FUNNY!

  2. Blowing little bubbles? lol ;) I have a visual of you blogging that is too cute

  3. Tee hee! It was an art I perfected in grade 10 Spanish...

  4. Salsa dancing when no one is looking is pretty neat - I love to dance around the kitchen with my kiddos!

  5. I chew on my tongue when I'm concentrating too. :) And I got into blogging because I love writing.


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