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I Tought I Taw a Toot

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I did! I did tee a toot!

My darling little Madeleine has finally cut a tooth. Well, not a whole tooth, but the beginning of a tooth. Well, not a tooth, but two teeth. They have cut through the surface of her lower gums and even though I'm not thrilled at the thought of breastfeeding, I'm still very excited. She has probably had teething discomfort from the age of about 3 months now, so that's almost 6 months of constant drooling and gnawing on anything she can get her hands on, including my you-know-what. Anyway, I'm happy that we're on with the show!

On a sidebar, Madeleine didn't have a poopy diaper since yesterday morning and that was very unusual. Today she was having severe pain and I could see her face go red as she pushed with all her might. I've never seen her in so much pain before and her cry, though not piercing, was heart wrenching. She had a number of bouts of pushing followed by pain and crying until she finally succeeded in expelling the nasty culprit. Who knew constipation could be so brutally agonizing?

Thankfully, she went to sleep without much ado. Now I get to tinker around on our new iMac! Woohoo!

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  1. Poor Madeline...teething and constipation! Dang! A good cure for the constipation is a Tablespoon of Mineral Oil...or there are prescriptions or suppositories. There is relief, you just have to find it!
    As for the teething I find pain meds work best! Once in she'll be much better!
    Good luck with the new comp! :)

  2. Congrats Madeline on the teeth!

    The teeth with isn't too bad once you get used to it. Be prepared for a chomp or two. With Boo each time he did it I pulled him off and firmly told him no. Now he doesn't do it too much! Good luck!

  3. Mac... so jealous. Yay for teeth. I'm still waiting for baby A to get one. Or two. My friends baby has had a lot of constipation also. If it happens more often I could probably get some tips from her for you.

  4. Thanks for all of your advice, everyone. I really, truly appreciate it!

  5. we call 'em "pokes."
    congrats on two pokes.

  6. Ah teeth! Cam just got his 4th this past week. The first time he bit me. I was clutching my breast all night long and moaning in pain. Thank goodness he self weaned!


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