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Friday, March 03, 2006

It's Friday. Finally! Why am I so excited? We're heading to Hamilton to stay with my parents for the weekend. We haven't done that since New Year's so I'm really looking forward to it. Not only does it feel like staying at a Bed & Breakfast, but, on a more serious note, my family gets to spend some quality time with our little girl who refuses to stop growing. It's hard enough for me (having born witness to all of the subtle changes Madeleine is going through on a daily basis) to accept the fact that my little baby is not so little anymore. I can only imagine how hard it is for my family to go for so long without being able to share in the joys of watching her develop. I'm pretty good with taking pictures often and sharing them with my friends and family online but they never truly capture the miracle of Maddie.

And do you know what else? This will be the first weekend since we've moved into our new home where we can finally just sit back and relax. We've been busy entertaining guests weekly since the beginning of February. I'm not complaining, especially since my husband does most of the cooking. (I'm still tuning my skills in that department.) Plus, it's a great reason to see people I haven't had the luxury of seeing in a while so it's been all good. Just last weekend I got to play with my goddaughter for the first time since New Year's. I got to see her mother pregnant again and I got to spend time with my childhood friend of 22 years. The weekend before that, I had my brother and his fiancee over as well as a friend who I haven't seen since September. That's 5 months! Way too long! And before that, my sister's family and my parents came for dinner. I also discovered I like playing hostess.

Anyway, as much as it is difficult being away from close friends and family, I'm really happy that I started blogging. I've been reading some very entertaining blogs such as
this and this and this, and in doing so I've already received some helpful tips, words of wisdom and more importantly, I've made some worthwhile connections with people I have something in common with.

Wait a minute... I just received another email notification... Later!

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