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RESULTS: Diaper Poll

Thursday, March 30, 2006

After one month, a total of 12 people voted on their diaper brand of preference. As you can see from the summary below, Pampers received the most votes, including my own. Generic Brands came in second and Huggies tied for third with other brands.

Huggies 8%

Pampers 50%

Generic Brand 33%

Cloth diapers 0%

Whichever are on sale 0%

Other 8%

Stay tuned for next month's poll...

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  1. I don't remember if I voted, but we're Huggies here. Pampers were my favorites until Cam got too big for the Swaddlers. We hated the Cruisers, so went to Huggies. We'll see what works now that he is moving and shaking.

  2. Weird, I love Cruisers. Then again, she's not cruising yet. I am usually generic all the way.

  3. I voted, but my vote was for generic, but it HAS to be the Walmart generic...White Cloud! They are the BEST!! They hold leaks like Huggies, but were SOOOOOO much cheaper!! I just don't have diapers now anyway, but when I did...those were the ones I used! :)


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