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Krista-Link-a-La by Tina Petrova

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Krista-Link-a-La by Tina Petrova

Canadian director, producer and author Tina Petrova recently released her first children’s book, Krista-Link-a-La and the Size 13 Shoes. Currently residing in Toronto, Petrova kicked off her book tour last Spring at the RedFish BlueFish Creative Café where she shared her latest writing project. Bornin Sault Ste Marie, Petrova is the daughter of an immigrant family from Slovakia. Her story pays homage to her strong family heritage all the while calling upon her childhood experiences writing and directing plays for her neighbourhood friends.
As a young child, Tina wrote and directed plays for the children of her neighborhood to star in. Tina’s oldest brother Ken owned a pair of bright red size 13 running shoes, which were the inspiration for the play from which she adapted this book. Growing up from sturdy Slovak and Ukrainian stock gave her distinctive features, including extremely large feet for a young girl. Krista-link-a-la and the Size 13 Shoes, shares how Tina chose to deal with her differences; rather than feel embarrassed, she chose to celebrate her uniqueness by shining a spotlight on what could be thought of as a negative trait, and now encourages all children to do the same.
With cute illustrations by Joanne Deane, the book also includes some real-life photos taken in Pohorela, Slovakia. These photos paint a beautiful image of the picturesque village from whence Petrova's family came. The story itself evokes the classic tale of Cinderella and leaves it open for subsequent imaginative stories featuring the talented Krista-Link-a-La.

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  1. I just love Cinderella! I know I would love this book.

  2. It sounds like a beautiful book with a great message.


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