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FYI - Kids Film "Fresh Fruit Pie" Premieres Online October 19-21

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This Tuesday marks the online premiere of "Fresh Fruit Pie", a kids film directed by Carl Obremski who states that:
Our mission is to raise the bar of quality on family entertainment, and likewise, we've created a video series that both parents and kids will love.  It's called "Fresh Fruit Pie," and it's sort of like a family-friendly Saturday Night Live... We feel that moms in the blogosphere will love a show like this because it fills a gap that's sorely missing: moral-driven entertainment that kids of today's generation find exciting.
The entire pilot episode will be available for free streaming as of 12:01am on Tuesday, October 19 until 12:01am Thursday, October 21. Please visit for more information.

I've included their official trailer from YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. I love watching something special movies and I will not coming but seeing this movies another time..


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