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TenMarks Summer Math Program Coupon Code

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Summer Math Program

TenMarks is an excellent online resource for parents, educators, homeschoolers and students. It provides each child with a personalized curriculum that will cover all the core math skills required in school. Researchers have discovered that students can lose 2 months worth of math learning over the summer months. For this reason, TenMarks has been designed to help them avoid the "summer slide."

For a limited time, you can take advantage of a one-week promotion on the TenMarks Summer Program. Your child or student can practice their math skills in a fun and unique way while enjoying a $12 discount off the TenMarks Summer Math Program. Start engaging your child with this fantastic summer enrichment program today! Use coupon code Mathten. This offer expires July 16, 2010.

Here's the TenMarks Dad and Kid Friendly video for your viewing pleasure. I think it's such a clever video. Very well done.


"TenMarks: Building stronger foundations one click at a time."

I wish I knew about this when I taught the after-school math program this year. Yup, we covered area of a trapezoid. Yup, I bored my students to death. Online learning is where it's at!

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