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Spotlight on: Pickles the Pig

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ever have those moments that make you wonder if things happen for a reason? I've been having a lot of those moments lately. Tonight I have spent a lot of time thinking about how much I miss my family and friends in Hamilton and how hard it is traveling back and forth to see them. It's especially hard after my dad ended up in emerge after collapsing at work last week, probably due to his angina combined with working in the extreme heat. I just wanted to be by his side at that very instant. But I couldn't. Moving to Toronto was one of the hardest decisions of my life and I've been focusing a lot on that lately. Maybe too much. What I should focus on is the fact that I probably would not have this blog if I didn't live in such a vibrant city as Toronto. And I probably would have never heard of Pickles the Pig either.

A couple of months ago, while attending a SmartBoard workshop, I met a gentleman in the class who, as it turns out, I have a number of things in common with. Aside from the fact that we have both moved to a different city, it was also interesting to note that he and his wife, just like me and my husband, first met online. Yes, I guess you could call us nerds. (The fact that we met at a techie workshop is proof enough but seeing that we each have kids just goes to show that online dating can work. So there!) After further discussion, I found out that his wife owns Pickles the Pig, a manufacturer of "stylish accessories for the hip mama and babe." Niki Geldart is the name and designing soother clips is the game. With an Honour's Degree in Costume Design for Theatre, an additional degree in Education and a Phd in motherhood, Niki brings a unique perspective to her delightful creations.

Here are a couple of favourites:

Here is a little excerpt taken from the website that describes the features of these soother clips:

As a Mom, I feel that experience has given me the research I needed to put together the best accessories required to help make your new role as parent an easier one. For example:
#1. Pickles' clips are designed to ensure no sweet, baby chub gets pinched nor does an expensive, favourite shirt get damaged due to the clip. I use suspender clips which are gentler on the fabric (and your baby!).
#2. Pickles' clips are machine washable and lead-free! So, tell your baby that it's okay to accidentally suck on the wrong end.
#3. Pickles' clips are made with secure snaps instead of Velcro which can come undone easier and get gummed up with shirt lint! No matter what, we don't want to lose or desanitize that soother!

I am really excited to see that she has added a couple of other products to her label. There's the Mini-Muscle Baby Onesie available in size 3-6 months all the way to toddler sizes. I can totally see this being a huge seller. The super cute baby model also makes it easy to fall in love with this onesie!

And then there's the Do-It-Yourself Diaper Wipes kit - brilliant idea! This is perfect for those frugal moms who want to learn how to make their own wipes at home. This starter package contains two washing solutions, a container, instructions and a roll of paper wipes.

When I first learned about Pickles the Pig in May, they had 28 retailers in Ontario that carried their products and had recently been picked up by two sales representatives in Canada and the U.S. You can visit to view their catalogue online. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Pickles the next time your shopping for baby and help support a local Canadian company.

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